What Is The Best Diet For Your Rottweiler?

Being such huge dogs, it is no surprise that a Rottweiler requires an extremely high protein diet. The diet of your Rottweiler should be such that they don’t lose their health or their coat. Yet, this poses a problem- due to the high protein diet that the Rottweiler consumes, they might succumb to allergies. For this, they might be needed to be put on a hypoallergenic diet, to prevent them from vomiting or their skin getting dry. It is mostly for rottweilers with inflamed bowel/stomach.

Main Diet Of Your Rottweiler

An adult Rottweiler’s diet should mostly comprise of lamb, turkey, chicken or herring, which supplies their  22-26% protein requirement. You could also try feeding the smaller puppies the same food so that they can cope up with the trouble of having to grow fast. Even if your Rottweiler isn’t allergic to most things, avoid chemical preservatives in food.

The weight of an average Rottweiler is around 85-122 pounds, which means that they need around 2600 calories of food every single day. Make sure that they get ample exercise after that and don’t turn obese. Obesity would lead to bigger joint problems and flatulence or vomiting issues.

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Allergies Due To Which You Might Need To Change The Diet Of Your Rottweiler

Allergies are common in a big dog like a Rottweiler. If you can see them experiencing difficulties, go to a vet and immediately get their diet plan changed. They might prescribe changes in the protein source which is common in most dog food products. You might be asked to stop dairy products for a while too.

Stomach Issues

rottweiler diet

Rottweilers often experience immune issues and stomach sensitivity due to inflammatory bowel diseases. One way you can help them out is with a thorough prognosis from a good vet. Sadly, allergies are much more common in Rottweilers than in any other breed.

A hypoallergenic diet would be perfect for such dogs, for any product that makes them flatulent is simply going to be a disaster. According to the Rottweiler Health Foundation, a hypoallergenic diet consists of 1 serving of protein and 1 serving of carbohydrate, which can help deal with stomach upsets.

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Avoid corn and other fillers which might mess up your dog’s digestive system. Use barley and potatoes, which can alleviate sensitivity. Instead of soy products that may lead to your dog being flatulent, use fish oils. You can use both venison and fish as your Rottie’s primary source of protein.


In case your Rottweiler is suffering from gastric or skin problems, don’t assume the problem. Go to a vet and get a prognosis first. Skin conditions can result from a flea allergy and should be taken care of. You can use topical flea preventives. Otherwise, allergy is usually mimicked by other problems of the health in Rottweilers.

If you want to feed your dog homemade food, make sure that it has been checked by a doctor first. Otherwise, it might lead to more harm than good. There should be a balanced diet in place for your Rottweiler, which is going to help them out in the long run. If you are feeding them raw meat, make sure that everything touching the meat is safe and hygienic. Also, use stainless steel instead of plastic.

Your Rottweiler and your Rottweiler’s diet are your responsibility. Don’t neglect them.



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