What Does The Changes In The Temperament Of A Rottweiler Mean?

Rottweiler is a wonderful breed of dog. They are loyal, tenacious, and brave. They also make for amazing guard dogs. But, Rottweilers seem to have a reputation of being angry, aggressive dogs who have no control over their violent streak. Let me tell you, that’s a lie.

A violent streak is the work of a mindless beast, not a dog that is highly intelligent. Regardless, it is important that we talk about the temperament of a Rottweiler – if only to assuage the fears one might have on owning them. Don’t forget that a dog turns out exactly how they have been trained. If you want to take care of your Rottweiler’s temperament, maybe you should know how to train them well.

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Here are some tips and instructions that would serve you well.

Temperament Of A Rottweiler Tends To Be Level-Headed

Contrary to popular reports and news, a Rottweiler rarely loses temper. They are extremely level-headed, rational, and always aware of what is happening around them. They only respond with aggression when things get strained. Or when they find someone invasive. In any case, a Rottweiler has to be level-headed or they wouldn’t be able to make good guard dogs. Alertness and awareness are key.

Moody When Owner Leaves

Moody Temperament Of A Rottweiler

A Rottweiler’s temperament also depends on how they behave when their owner leaves. For this, the owner needs to train them to control themselves when they aren’t around. This training begins at an early age, so they don’t get destructive or moody when they see no one around them. But, there still might be times when your Rottweiler might get depressed when you aren’t around. You need to empathize with your Rottweiler at this point and try to spend a little more time with them.


The Temperament Of A Rottweiler also makes them assertive on the humans around them. They might not bite or attack, but they will certainly make their presence known. You can tweak this temperament of theirs if you so want. All they need is a lot of socializing and love. You need to encourage them to be around humans and experience first hand how it feels to be surrounded by members of other species without the slightest sign of aggression. This training will help them later in life.

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Aggression As A Part Of Your Rottweiler’s Temperament

We are here and we know this is what you are looking for. Yes, your Rottweiler can get aggressive more than other dogs. But that would simply be a result of bad training. If you abuse your dog, they will bite back some day or the other- that’s the law of nature. So, why not pick up the whistle and start training your Rottweiler so that they don’t get panicky and then aggressive. You certainly need to train them well so that they know when to relax and when to attack.

Don’t opt for a dog by simply judging their temperament. It all depends on the way you train them. If you train them well, a rottweiler’s temperament is nothing to be afraid of.


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