What Are The Traits Of A Rottweiler Collie Mix?

Are you in love with the Rottweiler Collie mix? This hybrid dog has become quite a popular dog in America and other countries. Why wouldn’t it be, though? The Rottweiler Collie mix is a dog that has come from two purebred dogs – one the energetic Border Collie and the other, the fierce Rottie. You are probably wondering what could be some of the traits of the Rottweiler Collie mix. Here are some of them:

Temperament Of Rottweiler Collie Mix

The Border Rottie (another name for the Rottweiler Collie mix) is known to be highly energetic. On top of that, they need a family member to be with them or else, they end up having a bit of separation anxiety. They are protective of their families – thanks to the guarding skills of the Rottie. They love their immediate family and like to get some cuddles. Plus, they are quite intelligent and can learn a lot in a short while.

Size And Looks Of Rottweiler Collie Mix

Border Rottie mix

The Border Rottie has a height of around 19-27 inches and weighs around 130-135 pounds. They might be a bit slimmer than the regular Rottweiler. Generally, they get the dark eye colors of the Rottie, though, at times, they might get the Border Collie’s blue eyes. Sometimes, they might get heterochromia – two-colored eyes. They have a thick and strong tail with strong paws and the floppy ears of a Rottie.

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Coat, Kind, And Color

Generally, they get a medium length coat which is a double coat and suitable for them during the winter season. Mostly, when it comes to the color, they get the tan and black of the Rottie, though they might get the white and black of the Border Collie too.


For exercise, the Border Rottie requires about an hour of solid exercise. If they don’t exercise as much as required, they might destroy furniture or pillows, like their parents. So, take them out when you are going for a jog. They also require mental stimulation too so set up an obstacle course. If you can’t, you can go for a simple ‘guess which cup game’ too.


Border Rotties require a large home to be in which has a reinforced backyard. They are herder dogs and so, they are better off with family with older children. That’s because, if you have younger children, their herding instincts kick in and they might circle and heel nip which can turn to be worrying.


It is important for the Border Rottie to be trained from the beginning, especially in socialization. This ensures that they do not become over-protective about any one member. They also respond well to positive reinforcement like scratches on the neck and verbal compliments.

rottweiler collie mix


The Border Rottie can live up to 10-12 years if they are well. However, as they are large dogs, they can get Hip Dysplasia or due to the Collie gene, also get Collie Eye Anomaly. So, you might require a few tests from the vet.

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2-3 cups of food are necessary for the Border Rottie every day. If they get a lazy Rottie’s gene, then 2 is enough, but if the gene of an active Border Rottie is powering the dog, then they will require 3 cups. If they are like a hungry Rottie, then you can find your snacks missing. Monitor your Border Rottie diet so that they don’t turn obese.

Shedding And Grooming

A Border Rottie is a moderate shedder and you need to brush them 2-3 times a week. You should bathe them 7-8 times a month.

So, if you are going to buy Rottweiler Collie mix, be aware that you need to keep your running boots always on. Best of luck!


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