Want To Make Your Skinny Rottweiler Gain Weight? Here’s What You Can Do

Rottweiler breed is known for their robust and strong build. This is often what attracts many people to have them as their pets. Several reasons cause a skinny Rottweiler. Some of them being- suffering from some illness, insufficient diet or even genetics. In the former two cases, you can work and make your skinny Rottie gain weight but if it’s due to genetics, it won’t be possible. Also, keep in mind that if your dog is in their puppy/teenage years, they may gain weight as they age.

Let’s see how your doggie can put on some weight.

1. Check Your Skinny Rottweiler For Worms

If your pet is losing appetite, consider checking them for worms. Worms are one of the major causes when it comes to dogs not gaining or losing weight. Give proper medications and your Rottie shall be fine.

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2. Water Is The Best Buddy For A Skinny Rottweiler

skinny Rottweiler

Clean, fresh water should be made available to your dog in abundance. Just like we humans tend to dehydrate, dogs do too! They lose weight when dehydrated. About 2 to 4 liters of water (for Rotties of 75 to 110 pounds weight) is an average need for the Rottweilers.

3. High Protein Food

Human-grade food can be given to the dog which has very high protein. For example, eggs, cheese, and meat can be mixed with normal dog food. There are many home-made recipes too like “fat ball”. To make them just mix oats, molasses, egg yolk, hamburger, and wheat germ and form balls. One ball of 4 pounds per 20 pounds of the dog’s weight is usually sufficient.

4. Exercise Is Important

Don’t think that a skinny Rottweiler won’t need exercise. Remember, just like humans, exercise help dogs develop their muscles. So take your dog for walks and runs regularly.

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5. A Balanced Diet Does The Trick

A proper balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, and water is essential for good health and build of any dog. Fish, beef and horse meat are not very good for your Rottie so avoid them. Dairy products, lamb, and chicken will be best. Among grains, oats and wheat are good but avoid rice, corn, and soy. Vegetables are a good source of dietary fiber. Raw forms of eggs, bones of chicken and lamb, fruits and vegetables are good for the teeth of your dog.

6. Dietary Supplements

underweight Rottweiler

If all the above options are not working well, try giving your pet vitamin and mineral supplements. Go to your vet and ask them for some supplements for your dog.

All this will be enough to make your skinny Rottweiler gain the much-needed pounds. Though make sure you’re reading the labels of the dog food to know what you’re feeding your pet. Also, see if you can feel their ribs rather than seeing them. It’d mean your dog is gaining weight. Hopefully, this will help alleviate your problem. Your Rottweiler will look as gorgeous in no time!


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