How Vaccines Help To Keep Rottweilers Healthy

Did vaccines help to keep Rottweilers healthy ?

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
All veterinarians can tell you that proper feeding and physical activity are essential for dogs, especially Rottweilers, but that’s definitely not enough. All dogs must have usual checkups in a veterinary clinic and have special medical treatment. Without this medical treatment and vaccinations, in particular, dogs can die. However, not all existing vaccines for dogs are identical. While some of them can protect your Rottweiler for many years, others can bring only harm. Some of vaccines will be just useless for our dogs.

To understand why dog’s vaccines are so different, we need to know how they actually work. Vaccines contain antigens, which make the immune system develop resistance to certain diseases and infections. In the puppyhood, Rottweilers usually get DHLPPC vaccines, which fight with distemper (D), hepatitis B (H), leptospirosis (L), pulmonary infection (P), enteritis (P) and coronavirus (C).
But of course the vaccine doesn’t mean 100% effectiveness. Many factors have a significant effect on the production of protective immunity, for example, maternal antibodies.

Maternal antibodies
All dogs have different number of maternal antibodies in the organism. Maternal antibodies protect dog’s body not only from bacteria, but also from vaccines. They protect him absolutely from everything, till the dog develops his own immune system. When the number of maternal antibodies is reducing, little rottweilers start developing their own immunity under the influence of the environment and as a result of vaccinations. The main purpose of vaccinations is to help dogs prevent diseases till their immune system is developed enough. This critical period, during which dogs are particularly vulnerable to serious infections and diseases, may last for about 10 weeks. Rottweilers are more susceptible to viral and bacterial gastrointestinal diseases than other breeds of dogs. Therefore, to protect our Rottweilers from viral diseases, we need to use only approved vaccines.

Common vaccines for Rottweilers
-Nobivac DHPPI – dry live vaccine against parvovirus enteritis and adenoviral infection of dogs
-Nobivac DHP – combined live vaccine against infectious hepatitis and parvovirus infection
-Nobivac Puppy DP – vaccine for the active immunization of healthy puppies and dogs against distemper and parvovirus enteritis
-Biovac DPAL – dry live vaccine against parvovirus enteritis, adenoviral infections and leptospirosis
-Hexadog – vaccine against adenovirus and rabies. Vaccines against rabies must be done every year.
-Duramune 8 – live vaccine against distemper and leptospirosis

Important tips:
Before vaccination dogs must be rid of worms and fleas by the vet, and the same procedure will be repeated after vaccination. Vaccinations of dogs can be done only on the empty stomach.
Do not wash your dog before vaccination and do not let him exercise. 10 days after the vaccination don’t walk with the dog in public places, where there are a lot of other animals.

Approximate calendar of vaccinations for Rottweilers:
-Age of one month and a half – vaccination against enteritis and hepatitis
-2 months – vaccination against distemper, hepatitis and enteritis again
-2 months and a half – repetition of all previous vaccinations

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