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Dogs are not usually born having the knowledge that pooping or peeing on the carpet or floor is not acceptable. It is the responsibility of the owner of the pet to train them on the appropriate place to poop or pee. This is normally a hard task especially when the dog poops or pees on furniture or carpets. It is possible to train the most stubborn dogs through commitment, consistency and patience. Here are some tips of how to train a dog to eliminate outside.

Frequent supervision.

Before one begins to potty train a dog, it is important to contain it in one room so as to prevent him from having a run in the house. It is advisable to put him in a room that you frequently spend most of your time. This will enable you to keep a close eye to him. Areas that do not have doors should be barricaded and all the bedroom doors closed. It is crucial to watch the dog as closely as possible. This is the moment that the owner requires to be diligent. It is advisable not to acquire a new dog on Sunday or Saturday and then continue working on Monday. You should try and get a week from work and have ample time to train your dog.

Choose an area for your dog to pee.

It is not possible to take your dog outside all the time. It is therefore advisable for one to set an area in the house for your dog to eliminate. A good idea is the use of newspapers. You could choose to place them near the door leading to the outside. Other people prefer to use pads for training. If the dog has to eliminate outside, it is essential to make it possible for it to go outside easily. You could choose to keep the door open or train them to use a doggy door if available. Some houses have staircases and this could be problematic to the dog due to fear of using them. You could choose to train the dog on how to use a bell in order for them to go outside and pee.

Create a schedule.

Create a specific time for taking the dog outside to eliminate. This could be once an hour. You should stand with the dog and avoid any distractions. Praise the dog for managing to pee outside and you could choose a particular word to use for peeing. Use specific words when praising him and this will enable him to associate the words with the acts. Show the dog how pleased you are with him for eliminating outside. Create a fuss by playing, patting and praising him.

Know the signs.

Dogs are usually quick when it comes to peeing. You will find them playing in one instance and the next minute they are already peeing. Look out for signs like sudden movement to another area or room, whimpering, circling and sniffing on the floor.

Be prepared for accidents.

Do not have high expectations for you dog. The dog is bound to have numerous accidents before grasping the message you are trying to put across.

Perform all the above to avoid messes and a housebroken dog.


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