Tips & Videos – How to Make Your Rottweiler Angry By Order

Make Your Rottweiler Angry By Order

Almost every rottweiler owner  is  interested in the question of how to make the dog angry by order. Don’t worry, even if your dog seems friendly at the first glance, you can teach him how to get angry in seconds and have a will to protect you.
Some dog owners want their pets to be aggressive towards people, starting from puppy hood. If your puppy didn’t reach the age of 6 months, don’t force him to be the evil dog. This is normal, when he happily runs to passers, and it doesn’t mean that he will be that kind and innocent always.

Training of aggressiveness should be done only after the basic dog training. Only after bases dogs can learn how to get angry in seconds and calm down even faster.

At the early age, give your puppy a chance to  fight for a toy or a stick. Thus, he will gain passion and try to take away the object.

During games, he can start to growl or bite your hand. At this point, you have to win a game. You always have to win games with a puppy, so he will see that you are the leader (it will help you in future to stop undesired aggressiveness).

And don’t forget:

  • no hard punches
  • no same clothes while playing. Otherwise, the dog can become angry, just seeing some definite color


Check out the latest videos of a rottweiler, who gets angry by order and see what your dog has to be after proper training:

Video Source: Rottweiler Life

Video Source: Rottweiler Life


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