This Stray Dog Found A Newborn Baby On the Street, What The Dog Did Was SHOCKING!

This Stray Dog Found A Newborn Baby On the Street, What The Dog Did Was SHOCKING!
written by: crainbrian

The world, as many people know, is full of cruelty. There is cruelty in many forms, but perhaps some of the most universally recognized forms of cruelty are cruelty towards animals and children. Some people go to great extent to be cruel to animals, and especially, it seems, to dogs. Some people even leave meat wrapped rat poisons around dog parks, hoping to kill one of the many beloved pets that attend the park every day. Still others will leave similar “treats” in places where stray dogs frequent.

Despite it all, dogs are still loyal and and are always there to help humans when they need them, in some cases even risking their lives or giving their lives to do so. No matter how much hatred and abuse humans direct towards dogs, most dogs, even those who have experienced the worst kinds of abuse still love humans. Even wild dogs like wolves will intervene to help humans, such is the bond between the two species. Dogs, through their infallible love, make the world a better place.


This story is just another example of this- whether home souls or strays, they always step up to save us from ourselves. This story begins in one of the streets of Oman, where a stray dog was roaming around, looking for food, but found something terrible instead. Somewhere, the dog found a newborn child- only a few hours old, still bloody, abandoned even with the umbilical cord still attached. Someone literally had this child, cut it out, and threw it away. While many lament as to how the mother could possibly have done this, The important part of the story is what happened next.

This brave dog gently picked the baby up in its mouth, around the chest, as if somehow it knew that the chest would be the strongest part of the child. It took it to a family home nearby, walking right up to the front door. He put the baby down in front of him, sat down with the child, and began to bark, and bark. The family who lived in said house were absolutely shocked to find the dog and baby on the doorstep, and immediately took the baby to the hospital.


Through the miracle of the dog, the baby as saved, and is living, growing, laughing, dancing, playing, and learning today.
This dog displayed one of the most human traits we know of- kindness. It was once thought that only humans could have emotions, thoughts, or empathy. This dog has blasted those assumptions away with his actions. While much is known about the status of the baby, little is known about the status of the dog. He is probably still out there, a stray.

This story is a great example of why you should adopt, rather than buy, a dog. Many dogs, who are just as loving, intelligent, and kind as this dog are available to bring home and care for as they will care for you at your local shelter.



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