Things That You Should Know About Adult Rottweiler

Written by : Maky
Rottweilers are not for everyone. They are dominant breed,  and they need to know that YOU are the boss , or guess who will overtake your position ?  If you get your Rottweiler as an adult  and not as a puppy,  you will need to face with some prior bad handling.

You might ask yourself,  how can i take care of an adult Rottweiler then ? Well , you are on the right place , just read this text below:

Rottweiler and feeding – For Rottweilers , it is typical that they can weigh as much as about 140 pounds , even more than many human adults.  He will need a major amount of dog food but be careful , you will have to keep on eye that he doesn’t become overweight. Plus hundred pounds of Rottweilers should be muscle, but if he isn’t active , without exercises he can become a fat dog.  You should feed him with high-quality dog food ,  be careful and watch ingredients in that food. Not every dog food is healthy.

Rottweiler and training – Training is absolutely necessary and essential for a Rottweiler.  He is a big , strong and powerful dog.  Keep on your mind that he is a dog who loves to learn ,
and he does well in all sorts of canine competitions, such as agility , herding and obedience.  You can teach him about everything , even about pulling a cart.  He could be handy if you are
doing some construction work around the house. Don’t underestimate your Rottweiler, ever. Behind everything that , they can be very sensitive.  Don’t yell at him if he is not doing something well , just be consistent and firm and he will get there.

Rottweiler and exercise  – They need a lot of exercise , so you can plan a good workout  between two of you.  You should give your dog a couple of daily walks , first short then long walks.  He also needs mental exercise , as well as physical.  Play some games with him and  get him puzzle doggie toys and he will have a fun figuring it out.

Aaand grooming… – The Rottweilers have short hair , but they shed a lot. You should try to give to your Rottweiler a good brushing about several times a week.  They are double-coated, the undercoat blows out each spring and then – it fall.  He really doesn’t need bathing constantly , unless he is really really dirty. Too much bathing can cause Rottweiler dandruff.  Watch out for his nails to , and  keep them trimmed.  But first , start it carefully by his feet  and see how he reacts. When some time pass , he will allow you to clip his nails gently.