Rottweilers are a great breed that is protective but also playful, powerful but affectionate, loving and intelligent in equal measures. But many people also have successfully bred these warm-hearted and formidable breed with other breeds and have never regretted it. Rottweiler hybrids have given us many amazing pups. These ten are among the best.

1. Rottweiler And Pit-bull Combine, The Pitweiler

Credit: Pinterest

Both are powerful breeds but here we have a combination pup who looks intimidating enough to take on the world.

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2. The Rottweiler And Husky Combine, The Rottsky

Credit: Pinterest

The mixed parentage is obvious in the single blue eye. It is better to stay to the left of this Rottweiler hybrid to keep that blue eye from peeping into your soul.

3. Labrottie, A Combination Of The Rottweiler And The Labrador Retriever

Credit:Deviant Art

Both are very loyal to their masters so don’t be surprised if they always sticks to their owner.

4. Mastweiler, Here The Rottweiler Combines With The Mastiff

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The best of both breeds: the affectionate expressions of the Rottweiler and the beautiful color and intimidating mass of the mastiff.

5. Golden Rottie, The Rottweiler And The Golden Retriever

Credit: Pinterest

This adorable creature is just the perfect companion to share your popcorn and watch the telly with you. The most graceful of the Rottweiler hybrids won’t demand her share of the TV remote.

6. German Rottie, The Combination Of The Rottweiler And The German Shepherd.


Two of the most formidable breeds, this guy looks more like the king of the jungle lost in meditation.

7. Borderweiler, The Rottweiler And The Border Collie

Credit: Pinterest

They have the power and drive of the Rottie and the boundless energy of a border collie. These Rottweiler hybrids are a combination of two of the most intelligent breeds.

8. Rottle, The Rottweiler And The Poodle


Rottles would make one complete package of charm and delight.

9. Boxweiler, The Rottweiler And The Boxer

Credit: Pinterest

This has one of the most beautiful expressions among the crossbreeds. Sure to lift your spirits on a sad day.

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10. Saintweiler, The  Rottweiler And The Saint Bernard Combined

Rottweiler hybrids


The cutest of the lot!

Take your pick of the best of the Rottweiler hybrids. If you already own one be sure to share the photo of your Rottie-mix.