Rottweilers are one of the oldest dog breeds. They have a rich legacy going back to Roman times. That this partnership has survived and thrived for so long is a testimony to their loyalty and friendship. And it is your duty to take care of your Rottweiler as much as possible.

Rottweiler is a strong and energetic breed and you should ensure that they get the right amount of outdoor exercise to expend their energy. If they are not allowed to do so they tend to turn troublesome. They will burn up their energy when they resort to destructive ways.

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Another way to channelize their energy is to adopt a healthy training regimen right from when you get them home as a pup. That’s the age when they pick up commands. And by the time they grow up, you will have a disciplined Rottweiler who obeys your every command.

take care of your rottweiler
take care of your Rottweiler

Teething is another issue as they tend to gnaw at everything. A nice and fun chewing toy will keep them happy. Chewing is a natural impulse when they are teething.

Get your Rottweiler neutered or spayed. It increases their longevity and decreases the risk of developing cancer. It also makes them less aggressive.

Some Rottweilers are genetically prone to health problems. So be sure to choose your breed from a good lineage. Go to a breeder who can be trusted. Contact your vet for all precautionary measures that you can take to take care of your Rottweiler.

If you plan to leave your Rottweiler for a while, get a crate. It should provide your Rottweiler with a secure place to spend time when you aren’t around. But take care of your Rottweiler and do not leave them alone for too long. They don’t like that.

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Learn to communicate with your Rottweiler. Your dog may be unable to convey their problems because of your ignorance. Remember that they have emotional needs too. Take care of your Rottweiler and you will realize that the Rottweiler is the only one on earth who loves their hooman more than they love themselves!