Separating Dog Myths From The Truth

Separating Dog Myths From The Truth
written by: Makomondi

There are common perceptions that people have had and still have about dogs. These perceptions have spread throughout history and geographical areas. While some of the thoughts that people have about dogs are true, others are simply misconceptions.

Sixteen common dog myths

The following are common dog myths which when understood, will help pet owners understand their dogs better.

Dogs understand the words we tell them

Dogs are reliably said to comprehend about five hundred words used by humans with more intelligent dogs internalizing several thousands. They mostly, however, respond to our body language, tone used and gestures.

A dry nose determines the state of health

Poor air circulation in the surroundings or dry atmospheric conditions can cause a dry nose and not illness.

Wagging of tails means a happy mood

While happiness is a reason for a dog to wag its tail, fear, agitation and tension are also expressed through wagging the tail. It is not, therefore, advisable to go near a dog wagging its tail before one knows if the dog is friendly.

Dogs can differentiate good and bad people

A dog will attack a stranger mainly out of fear or fright that the person may cause physical harm to them. This they read from the person’s body language.

Dogs that cower were previously abused

This could be true but sometimes such dogs lacked sustainable socialization in the past or are used to dodging anyone wanting to touch their necks. The genetics of the dog can also play a part in it cowering.

Dogs can have a feeling of guilt

When dogs employ a body language that may be construed as guilt, they are actually trying to use their actions to calm down a person so that retribution is not meted on them for their actions.

Dogs are color blind

This is one of the most propagated dog myths. Dogs are not color blind and can actually clearly differentiate distinct colors.

Same breed dogs are the same

Like any two different creatures, dogs of the same breed will have varying behaviors. One may be friendlier than the other.

Dogs will always be friendly to kids

While dogs will not attack kids, they respond emotionally to the treatment they are given. Kids should not, therefore, act in a way as to mistreat dogs around them.

Training is best achieved through harshness

Dogs do not know right and wrong before they are trained. As such, it is important that we teach them in a kind and gentle way for them to learn better. Too much harshness may cause them to cower.

Letting a dog in the field is sufficient exercise

Research has proved that the best exercise for dogs is when they play with humans, interact and are taken for walks by their owners.

Dogs given comfort will misbehave

Dogs like a comfortable place to rest. Those that will be defensive when their resting places are approached can be trained to behave otherwise.

Rubbing a dog’s nose in their mess teaches them a lesson

Nothing can be farther from the truth. The dog will not link the two but will only get confused leading to hiding during such times.

Only male dogs lift their legs to urinate

Female dogs have been noticed, from time to time, to lift their legs as well to urinate.

Dogs enjoy delicious foods

Dogs will mainly enjoy the food they eat from the smell of the food.

Dogs like being touched on their heads

Most dogs do not like this, although some actually do.


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