Red Rottweiler & Other Rare Rottweilers

If you are an avid follower of the dog world then you have most likely hear about
the weird colored breeds of Red Rottweiler.

There are several weird breeds including the Red Rottweiler, the blue Rottweilers and even the albino Rottweiler.These breeds of dogs might have fascinated you. You might even want to purchase one as the idea of owning one seems rather lucrative. This is because they are advertised as either extremely valuable or super rare. However, before you break the bank to purchase one of these rare Rottweilers, you need to know some facts about these Rottweilers.


Unethical breeders

There could be serious health risks associated with owning of a breed of dog with a unique color. This is not limited to Rottweilers as even other breeds experience the same. And besides, getting a red colored, pure bred Rottweiler is super rare. And these breeds of Rottweilers, although not the contemporary black or tan, are not Rottweilers with any defect, but are perfectly healthy Rottweilers that are fully normal. However most of the devious dealers of the Rottweilers try to pass off mixed-bred hounds as rare breed Rottweilers which is not in the least ethical.

So before you can purchase a dog that is not conforming to the norms of its breed, do your due diligence. This will help prevent you from being duped by the unethical dealers. Do not commit to a breed that does not conform to the norms of the particular breed.

The Red Rottweiler

These may sound quite exclusive because they actually are. But there is little wrong with wanting a dog that is separate from the average ones. To get a pure bred dog is something that takes a tremendous amount of effort. It also takes a large amount of time. This is because the dog’s genes are required to be filtered through some generations of mixing. To get the dog that both looks, behaves and even move in a certain style is something that requires effort. But this is what it takes to get a pure bred. A pure breed is, for all intents and purposes, an ideal picture of the dog species. It is a representation of the breeders’ efforts to produce a dog breed that is as close to matching the dog breed as possible.

In the case of the uniquely colored Rottweilers, you will hardly find any of the recognized varieties in any of them. You will come to find that the Rottweiler standards of breed varies a little from one country to the next. You will not find any of the supposedly rare Rottweiler breeds recognized in any country that breeds Rottweilers. For example if you make a comparison between the American and the German definitions of the standard dog, you might find that the wordings are ever so slightly different but the basic message is the same. There are very clear areas in the wordings that indicate that the only acceptable base coat for a Rottweiler is black. The hide can then have markings. These markings can only be a shade of mahogany, tan or rust.

In both the writings you will not find any writings indicating the existence of a red, white or blue coat. There is no evidence to the existence of these coats making their legitimacy difficult.

What then is a Red Rottweiler?

To understand a purebred dog you need to trace its heritage. You need to track the dog back to the earliest parents. Because for a dog to be a purebred, its ancestors have to be purebreds as well. Although the heritage of the Rottweiler is not exactly written in stone, its documentation is pretty thorough. Its progression has been tracked for ages. From when it was a companion, to tis progression in the Roman army to how it has become one of the most versatile dogs of today.

The Two Breeds


In the records there seems to have existed two different breeds of the same dog. There were the larger hounds that were used to pull weight around in the Roman army, and there were the smaller, more agile hounds that were used to herd cattle as they were more equipped for this. These smaller hounds seemed to have white patches indicator of their speed. History seems to indicate that there might have been the mixing of these two types of genes to produce the versatile Rottweiler that we now know.

The Red Rottweiler Color Origin

The early variation in the color of the dogs was much larger than that experienced in the more modern breeds of today. In fact if you look at the earliest photographs of the hounds, you will find that their legs look longer and their coats look much lighter than expected. One of the early accepted color of the Rottweilers was plain red with a white nose. It is this color that may have carried forward to the extremely rare red Rottweiler breeds of today. And the origins could also explain where the white marks originated form.

Red Rottweiler , Is it a real ?

Ever since the breeding of Rottweilers began, they were bred to produce dog breeds of a black color with mahogany spots. If the dog produced any other color of pups these were disqualified as not breed able. This is what minimizes the chances of getting a red Rottweiler to be reproduced by two pure breed parents. It does not eliminate the possibility, but it does mean the probability is quite low. For two Rottweilers to produce the pretty red coat would mean that they both have to be carrying the extremely rare gene.

Where Does The Red Rottweiler Come From?

Most of the dog breeders believe that these elusive breeds can only be acquired by crossbreeding a Rottweiler with another dog. The other breed does not have to be the actual parent of the rare species, but within its family tree so that the genes match. This is the reason weird colored Rottweilers are not considered Rottweilers.


Some breeders also believe that the rare creatures are subject to a lot of rare dog conditions. So if you want a uniquely colored rottie, it is all right. However, do not be conned into overpaying for the breed. You might find yourself making several trips to a veterinarian.


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