Panther Abandoned By Its Mother Grows Up With A Human And Rottweiler Best Friend

Meet Luna, an adorable panther who was born in a zoo in Siberia.
Unfortunately, her mother chose to reject her and refused to give her the much-needed milk and of course care. Her chances of survival were very slim until an amazing woman stepped in and came to the rescue.

She had experience in raising big cats like Luna and decided to help her by taking care of her and feeding her with all the vitamins she so desperately needed.

Luna was rejected by her birth mother which meant she needed to be taken care of

Naturally, the woman grew attached to Luna, and vice versa, so she decided to adopt Luna from the zoo. Luna was now part of the family, she met her new sibling, venza the dog.

After a while of slowly introducing them and making sure they got along, a beautiful friendship formed. Now they are inspeperable, you will always see them together playing about and exploring the world. They are certainly the best of friends, and they look so cute together.

Luckily, this amazing woman found her and adopted her. She has experience in raising big cats, so it seemed like a perfect match

Luna was lacking special vitamins she would usually get from milk, so she was given special vitamins to make up for the shortfall.

To find out more about Luna’s story, check out her videos on Youtube. You can see her progress as she grows into a healthy black panther.

Luna soon adapted to her new home and her new family

Thanks to this amazing woman who saved Luna’s life

The woman that took luna is experienced in taking care of such animals. She knows exactly what she needs, in terms of food and love so rest assured, Luna is in safe and capable hands.

They were so attached to each other that the woman had to adopt her from the zoo.

Luna then met her new sibling Venza, the Rottweiler

Initially, they started off slow, carefully introducing them

But not long after they became best friends

Now they are always together. They are inseparable, playing and exploring life together

Luna is now a fully grown healthy adult panther with a derpy face and cute personality.


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