Main Reasons Why Rottweilers are Better Than Pekingese

When choosing a breed of dog, you should consider the appearance of the particular breed, its disposition and needs. A sociable or hyperactive dog can feel lonely and frustrated if you spend a lot of time outdoors. On the other hand, an independent and distant pet may feel overwhelmed by your excessive concern and need to play. 

The Rottweiler and the Pekingese dogs are breeds of dogs that differ from each other in many respects. They look different, they have different characters, and even their grooming isn’t the same. In this article, we will try to show why it is worth choosing Rottweiler compared to the Pekingese. 

Differences in character 

It would seem that the Pekingese has a character very close to its aristocratic history. These pups were worshiped in the past, and legends say that it was a dog that accompanied the Buddha himself. Not only people but probably the Pekingese themselves believed in his uniqueness. That is why they are proud and independent dogs, and any attempts to force them doing anything are doomed to failure. Reluctance to succumb to anyone’s pressure won’t make Pekingese an ideal obedience dog. 

Rottweiler is different. These dogs are extremely devoted to their owners and their families; they will protect you and your home without even being aggressive. Besides, these intelligent dogs learn new commands quickly and willingly, and are easy to train. Due to its strength and weight, the Rottweiler requires an experienced guardian to show them the limits. These dogs often jump at people in excitement, and they could hurt someone unaware of their weight. So you will have to make sure that your dog is properly trained, has a balanced disposition and is predictable, which makes it a wonderful family dog. 


If you are looking for a jogging or hiking companion, don’t even think that the Pekingese will be tempted by one or the other. These dogs are rather lazy and calm and don’t really like to move from the comfortable couch. Once you take them for a walk, don’t be surprised if they stand halfway and stubbornly refuse to go any further. 

On the contrary, the Rottweiler will be overjoyed if you grab the leash. These dogs need a lot of exercises. Lack of physical activity can lead to behavioral problems. They love running in the woods and in the open, and you shouldn’t be worried that they might run away. They won’t. An adult dog needs a minimum of two hours of exercise a day. 


While Pekingese hair is a nightmare, Rottweilers will not be a problem for you. Pekingese hair requires regular and labor-intensive care. These dogs require exceptionally careful care, especially during the hair replacement period. Pekingese should be brushed very regularly (practically daily) as its coat tends to be tangled and felted. 

Rottweilers do not require complicated care, just occasional brushing with a rubber glove and more frequent brushing during the molting period. As you can see, this breed is perfect for people who don’t want to waste tens of minutes every day brushing their dog. There is simply no problem like this with the Rottweilers. 


Rottweilers are generally healthy dogs. However, like any large breed, they are prone to stomach torsion and hip dysplasia (which can lead to mobility problems). For this reason, it is essential to have your pup’s hips checked by the vet. Their life expectancy is, on average, ten years. 

Pekingese are also in good health, and they usually live for around 12 years. They have major problems with eye infections. Pekingese eyes require proper care due to the very short and clogging tear ducts that tend to have inflammatory states. Due to their short muzzle and upturned nose, they have difficulty breathing. Therefore, the owner should take care that the dog does not exert itself during walks, especially when the weather is hot. Due to the skull’s brachycephalic structure, dogs of this breed are at risk of BAS syndrome (snoring, vomiting after intense exercise, night apnea). Also, the reproduction of Pekingese is not without problems. Males have difficulty mating females, and females have hard deliveries due to large puppies heads (births usually end with cesarean section). 


Now, you probably have no doubts about what kind of dog is the best to choose as your companion. The Rottweiler will be much better as a devoted friend and mascot of the house. Its predictable nature and incredible willingness to learn new things creates a space for building an incredible bond with this animal. Unfortunately, Pekingese cannot be trained and are quite a proud dog breed, which makes cooperation difficult. 

When choosing a Rottweiler, however, be prepared to spend time training obedience. As the owner of such a great god breed, you need to be responsible, and your furry pal will repay you with loyalty and an energetic tail wagging! 


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