Locate the dog owners living nearby you!

This is how to instantly locate the dog owners living nearby you!

Do You to locate the dog owners living nearby you!
Do you want to make new friends?
Is your dog lonely?
Do you want to meet people who share the same interests as you?
Then nothing is better than finding the people who live nearby who own similar dogs. Someone might be living just one mile away with a lonely dog like yours and now there is a fast way to locate that person.


Enter dogs talk

A new Android app called “Dogs talk” allows people to register profiles for themselves and link them to their dogs. The useful thing here is that each person enters the name of his dog, its location and its breed.
Now using dogs talk you can search for other dog owners who live nearby you and who also have the same dog breed.

And a lot more!

Once you locate those dog owners you can send them friend requests and make new friends! This is not all what you can do with dogs talk. You can also create a profile for your dog, upload photos, share status updates and ask any question related to dogs.

You can also locate vets & breeders who are located nearby you. To do all this and a lot more download dogs talk today, the social network for Dog owners.

Download dog’s talk today and join the first dog owners social network in the world



Download Now !!



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