Know More About Rottweiler

Written By : Nada Hassan
Rottweiler males are bigger than females. They grow up to 27 inches tall and weigh between 85 to 115 pounds. They have amazing shinny short black coat that needs to get brushed at least once a week.
Work? Yes, Rottweiler loves to work and guard. They were originally bred to be guard dogs, they love to work and drive cattle on farms and pull carts for people. They notice everything around them and their self-confidence makes them fearless of things and alerts, which makes them very good watch dogs.
Now you don’t need to worry about your little girl, because Rottweiler can take care of her and guard her. They assist blind people as they are excellent leader dogs. Also, they love to visit sick and elder people. their faithful nature makes them amazing companions.

Rottweiler Need Exercise
As most breeds Rottweiler like to keep busy. Whether busy learning to work and pull carts or playing and running around. They are family oriented dogs, they like to lay around the house with their family, but needs to go for a walk even if they live in a large yard.

It’s best to train Rottweiler dogs when they are puppies. As they grow, they will get stronger and it will become harder for you to train them. It will be harder to teach them tricks and manners in obedience when they grow.