All you need to know about Rottweiler

All you need to know about Rottweiler

Rottweiler are mindlessly loyal to their owner and his family.  If you have a Rottweiler, you will always feel secure about safety of the property and your family. However, among member of his pack he is very obedient and complaisant.  Brute force in the education of this dog is not necessary, but it certainly requires decisiveness and inflexibility. Rottweiler will show his character from puppy hood, and weak-willed owner will constantly suffer from the tricks of a growing puppy.
Rottweilers don’t require special care. Use a special brush for pet’s coat and bathe your dog once or twice every few months.

Rottweilers –  Care and maintenance
-The complexity of care: low
-Grooming: low
-How often to bathe – once or twice every few months
-Preferred life conditions:  in the warmth of home
-They can live in an apartment: Of course
-Lifespan: 10-12 years

Rottweilers  – The level of activity and the paddock
-The need for activity: high
-Playfulness: above average
-Duration of walking: at least an hour a day
-The intensity of walking: active games, walking

Rottweilers – Education and training
-The complexity of education: average
-Difficulty of training: the average
-You can engage your child starting with the age of: 13-14

Attitude to living beings
-Strangers: extremely distrustful
-Children living in the family: Excellent
-Pets: normal, but the socialization is needed

-Classy bodyguards and tireless guards
-Very strong breed with powerful jaws
-Well responding to training
-Minimum grooming

Hard-nosed, though very smart. In education and training you will have to be persistent Tend to dominate in the family

Ideal companion for:
Any type family. Even though for a single person, even for a large family with small children, Strong, confident people, Active people and athletes.

Bad choice for:
Spineless, flabby people and Inactive people.

The character of Rottweilers. Will this breed be suitable for YOU?
Such breed dogs as Rottweilers are extremely dangerous for enemies and affectionate, docile to all members of the family, even the youngest. Self-confident and independent Rottweilers need a leader who would be stronger than them in spirit. In the absence of the leader the Rottweiler will think that the pack is in danger and needs a leader, who will lead all members of the pack along. That’s why dogs of this breed strive for leadership, trying to protect all members of the pack from difficulties.
Rottweilers will obey the owner’s orders, if you take them for a walk daily. While walking the dog need to play active games, you can go jogging or cycling, and your dog will follow you. Keeping an active lifestyle, dogs of this breed will be quit and obedient.

! Without activity it’s extremely difficult to control Rottweilers.

Rottweilers perfectly coexist with a lonely individual or a large family, even with very little kids. It’s better to watch out communication of the Rottweiler and your kids, but Rottweilers are very friendly and patient with children. You can trust the care about such dogs to a kid, who is not younger than 13-14 years old.


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