In-depth Information About Rottweiler Dog Breed And Its Personality Traits

When you take a first look at a Rottweiler, they seem to be quite sturdy which is absolutely on point.

These dogs are much taller than other large breeds and range in height from about 22 inches (small females) to 27 inches (large males). Rottweilers can weigh around 80-120 pounds which is approximately around 36-54 kgs.

These puppies have enormous heads and their ears lie tightly to their heads while hanging down. They have square and strong muzzles but are sometimes drooly due to their loose lips or flews.

Rottweilers are always black and have occasional tan spots. Their coat is quite harsh and dense while being short. You can also spot a “fluffy” one in a litter but its coat does not qualify in the breed ring.

The rottweilers have a short tail which is 1-2 vertebrae long.

Rottweiler matures slowly, as commonly seen with large breeds. Most of them do not reach their full sizes until they reach 2-3 years, although their adult height is set by their first birthday. With age, you can observe these puppies broaden their chests and fill out.

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Rottweilers: Looking At Their Personality

Rotts have always been chosen over the other breeds as guards and other protection work. Males are usually dominant and aggressive but the well-socialized rottweilers get along with people nicely and even with other dogs. These dogs are fully confident to act of their own volition, as they are quite active and intelligent, so they require constant guidance from the beginning. 

If you leave a rottweiler to its own, it can turn into nuisance diggers or barkers and become quite destructive owing to its massive size. Rottweilers are the best dogs to train even if you are looking for a companion for your child, as they are bred to work. One of the problems associated with this breed is its aggression as it can inflict serious damage. This is the exact reason why Rotts require a patient hand who will be firm and knowledgeable to take care of it well.

These dogs are massive and require proper exercise too. It is extremely essential that you keep your pups in pristine health conditions with proper exercise. Rottweilers require approximately 40 minutes of exercise in a day as they are bred to work.

Living With A Rottweiler

It is quite easy to keep a rottweiler even though they seem so large. They also have a tendency to be obese if you fail to exercise them enough.

These puppies require minimal coat care and weekly grooming suffices most of the time. Some of the rottweilers tend to drool a lot, especially the males with loose lips.

Rottweilers are extremely social so they need to be social continuously and extensively to be great family companions. It is a must to train them properly and you should start in their early puppy stages.

The courage of these massive dogs is never under doubt but it is quite easy to misdirect them. If you are a first-time dog owner, Rotts are not the ones for you to keep.

These enormous beings love to work and will happily participate in all dog sports from herding, weight pulls to obedience.

A Rottweiler should ideally be exposed to other animals, especially dogs, and children right from the beginning. They are quite protective of their own offspring and it is advised that you keep an eye on them if it is around a group of children. You should buy such a pup from a reputable breeder as the popularity gained by them has led to health problems and temperament issues.

Rottweilers have an average lifespan of around 12 years.

Looking At The History Of These Magnificent Beasts

Rotts belong to a list of ancient breeds. They had provided company to the Romans all through Germany and also had guarded their outposts and driven their cattle. Most of them were left behind in Rottweil, which is a town in southern Germany, and then became the breed that we know so properly today. These puppies are said to be in the mastiff family and were quite instrumental to develop the Doberman Pinscher, later.

Rottweilers had been working dogs from the beginning and had driven cattle to the markets, guarded the homestead, and even pulled carts. It was also said that they had carried money to and from the market places in money belts, which were tied around their necks. Most of the beasts work in herding or in security.

The breed of rottweilers had nearly died out in the new century when smaller dogs are taken over most of their functions and were also quite easy to maintain.

Thankfully, some dedicated breeders had revived this breed and presently ranks as the most popular breed in the US. 


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