Importance Of A Healthy Rottweiler Diet


A healthy Rottweiler is everyone’s choice, and this comes at a price. A dog is as healthy as healthy its diet, and this makes it very important to know how to maintain a healthy diet. Choosing the Rottweiler puppy food can be challenging and confusing. A look at the dog food bag makes matter worse with the list of many ingredients that you hardly know which best suit your dog. Best puppy food has to do with that which contains the appropriate dietary requirement for your rottweiler diet .

The Best Rottweiler Diet

Dogs are generally known to be meat eaters (carnivores) but when you check the contents of your dog food, what you’ll find are grains and nothing like meats. To save cost, these manufacturers make the food from grains, and that may not always give your Rott a healthy diet. This is not to discredit all dog food out there but a call to take a careful look at what goes into the making of the food. A Rottweiler puppy requires a perfect diet to develop its chubby body. Just any cheap low-quality food will result in a healthy puppy. An adult dog food is no substitute so, what makes the right Rottweiler Puppy Diet?

Rottweiler being giant breed dog have a fast rate of development, and this can be seen in their rapid body growth. Of all food ingredients, the most important for your Rottweiler puppy is meat or meat meal. Look out food ingredients such as turkey meal, chicken meal, herring meal when buying your dog food. Stay away from meals such as soy, corn or wheat. At this stage of your puppy’s development, it needs a lot of protein in its diet. When an adult Rottweiler needs from 22% to 26% of the protein in its menu, a puppy needs from 24% to 28% protein. Protein keeps your Rottweiler puppy from becoming overweight but helps it to develop strength and muscles at this stage.

rottweiler diet
rottweiler diet

A small amount of beef fat or animal fat should be in the diet; about 14% to 18% fat should be present in a puppy diet. This high amount of fat is allowed for puppies because of the high energy need they have at this stage of development but must be balanced with the right amount of protein to prevent it from becoming overweight.

Avoid sugar, artificial color or chemical preservatives in your puppy diet as they can be potentially harmful and in most cases of no nutritional value to your dog.

Importance of a Healthy Rottweiler Diet

The importance of a healthy diet for your puppy is not far-fetched; they will be more robust and be a happy dog. The diet makes your dog grow up be an energetic Rottweiler with no deformity or related health challenges. Less health problem also includes keeping the right body weight.

You don’t want to have a lean, sluggish and haggard looking Rottweiler. That’s not the picture of a dog you want to have around you. Puppies are always cute looking but the diet they are exposed to determine what they turn out to be as adult dogs. The role that diet plays in this cannot be overemphasized.

Dog diet also affects the skin and coat of the dog. Poor nutrition is evident in when their coat lacks luster and can also be seen when they develop a flaking skin. You’ll rather ensure your dog is fed correctly than having to keep a regular visit to the vets, an effort that will eventually cost you more.
The secret lies in going for the best puppy food.
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