A Guide for Traveling By Car With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet by car
Traveling with an animal in a car can be quite tricky. This is especially so if it is an untrained animal that does not have any idea of what sit back, relax and enjoy the ride means. Not only can a pet injure you or itself if it starts jumping around in the car, it can also make you cause an accident. This is not what you want to do. So if you are one of those people who cannot leave your pet behind when going on a vacation you might find these tips to be a little bit helpful.

Tips to travel with a pet

The first thing you should ensure is the comfort of your pet. Make sure that you get a carrier that is large enough to contain the pet before you start your journey. The carrier should also contain an absorbent material at the bottom in case your pet needs to answer the call of nature.

While strapping a cat or a dog to a car seat is possible, it is not advisable. They are not human beings and will most definitely find it difficult to travel around tied to a seat. The best option you can take is to purchase a carrier which has a lid. Make sure that it able to receive plenty of air- you do not want to find your pet having passed out.

Make sure you carry a kit containing your pet’s essentials. Carry the grooming supplies, first aid supplies, waste scoop, toys and other important items like medicine. Something you should never forget it the collar with an ID tag containing your name and how you can be contacted- include home address as well. It is also wise to include the phone number of your destination.

Most animals just like human beings tend to get car sick. The result is appalling but it can be avoided. Before you leave your house make sure that you give your pet a prescribed drug like Dimenhydrinate which is good for keeping car sickness away.

You should also avoid feeding your pet before a car ride. Sedating a pet is another option that many people go with. It might seem really prudent to sedate your pet during the journey especially if you have a hyperactive pet but it is always wise to consult your veterinarian before you travel.

If you are traveling with a pet that is neither sedated nor restricted, you might want to keep the windows closed. No matter how behaved your dog seems while you are traveling, the minute it sees a curious looking figure- like a squirrel, it will take off after it.

Unless the car is traveling at a high speed in which case it cannot jump out. When you slow down, it will. Finally make sure that you walk your pet frequently during the journey. This essentially means that you stop the car on occasions and talk your pet on a quick stroll. This makes the pet feel fresh and comfortable and you must leave your pet alone in the car make sure that you turn the AC on to make the vehicle more habitable.


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