How to Get a Dog Eating the Dog Food That it Does Not Like

How to Get a Dog Eating the Dog Food That it Does Not Like
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Dogs make great pets and are loved by many. However, sometimes they can turn out to be difficult and especially when it comes to their diet. Naturally, some dogs can refuse to eat a certain dog food as they are naturally stubborn; or can decide to eat it in a certain time of the day, and most especially when hunger becomes unbearable. Getting a dog to eat the food that it does not like may sound impossible, especially if one have ever dealt with a finicky eater. But is easier than you thought; with just a little bit of effort, a dog can eat dog food within no time. Below are tips on how to make a dog eat dog food that it does not like:

 1. Set a feeding schedule

Do not give it excess food. One can serve him a small bowl of food three times a day instead of one big meal. The schedule can include a morning schedule, afternoon and evening schedule. That way, the dog will not get bored with the food no matter how tasteless the food is.

 2. Avoid giving him frequent treats

If your dog is so used to treats, he is less likely to eat his dog food. If one potentially treats the dog often, he will not be enthusiastic about eating his food. One should minimize the treats by asking those at home to stop treating him.

 3. Offer him a quiet place

Some dogs are so much sensitive to distractions and may not be able to eat. If the dog is active or has anxiety he may not eat in a noisy place. It is good to ensure that the dog is eating in a cool place and that the food is set at a comfortable height.

 4. Don’t sooth him to eat

One can take your dog for a walk before giving him food. When you come back home, present the food before him and leave it for 15 minutes, if he refuses to eat, take it away. Repeat this for some time. He will learn to eat whatever is presented.  

 5. Introduce a new brand of dog food

Repeated consumption of the same dog food may make your dog not eat his food. One can purchase new type of dog food, add a quarter of the new brand to the original food that your dog hates. That way he will get used to his food.

 6. Stick to the food

One should remain consistent with dogs feeding schedule. One should not offer him table food simply because he refuses to eat his dog food. If one gives him table food he will never get used to dog food and it will be hard for you to train him otherwise. Stick strictly to dog food.

 Pickiness or behavioral issues are some of the common reasons why dogs hate a certain type of food. However, some dogs may refuse to eat as a result of digestive problems or illness. Therefore, even as you train your dog to eat what he hates, you should not assume that the dog is just picky without having a specialist check on him. Follow the above tips and get your dog eating amazingly!




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