Five Things You Need To Purchase When Bringing Home A New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is a very exciting time. Adding a new member to your family is a wonderful experience no matter how old or young you are, but you need to be properly prepared for your new arrival.

If you are bringing your new puppy home, here are five key items that you really need to have ready for your new fur baby.

A Crate
One of the first things that you need for your new puppy is a crate. While it may sound like you’re being mean putting your puppy in a crate overnight, you’ll find that it’s the best thing for them. A crate can be a comfortable and cozy place for your fur baby to sleep where he or she feels safe and relaxed. Also, a crate is an essential when you’re house training your puppy. As dogs naturally don’t want to soil their beds, they are easier to teach how to go outside to use the toilet if they are in a crate.

A Comfortable Bed
Even when you’re using a crate, you still need a comfortable bed for your new furry friend. There are lots of dog beds out there. Make sure that you choose one which feels soft and comfortable but which fits into the crate that you’ve chosen. Remember that your puppy will be small but will grow quite quickly so you need to choose a bed that will accommodate their needs for a while. If you go for a very small bed, you’ll need to replace it quite quickly.

Collar And Leash
Although you won’t be able to take your new puppy outdoors for a while until he or she has had their vaccinations, it’s still important to get your fur baby used to wearing their collar. After all, it’s a legal requirement to have a collar on your dog whenever they are out in public. Also, you can teach your puppy to walk on the leash even before you are able to take them outdoors. You can practice in your own back yard or even in the family room so that when the time comes for their first exploration into the big wide world they will already have a good idea about how to walk nicely with you.

Water And Food Bowls
Of course your new fur baby is going to need to eat and drink, so you’ll need some food and water bowls. Choose ones which are sturdy and which won’t slip around, especially if you have a tiled or hardwood floor, and which won’t easily tip over even when your puppy is very enthusiastic about getting his or her dinner! You can choose either a metal or a plastic bowl, but try not to get one which is too big for your puppy – otherwise, you’ll find that they end up standing in their food rather than eating it!

Grooming Equipment
Just because your puppy is little doesn’t mean that he or she will have a pristine tangle-free coat! Even small puppies get dirty and tangled, so you’re going to need some grooming supplies right from the start. A good quality dog shampoo is the first thing to add to your dog grooming gear, then you’ll also need the right type of dog brush for your puppy’s fur type. There are lots of different brushes on the market but not all are suitable for all coat types. Some dogs have thick, curly hair while others have short, smooth hair and others have long double layered coats. You need to research which type of brush to use so that your puppy learns to love grooming and accepts it willingly as an everyday part of his or her life. If your puppy loves to be brushed, you’ll find life a lot easier in the long run! You can find out more about how to choose the right brush for your pet on

So, there you have it – five essential items that any new puppy owner should make sure to have in their home when their new family member arrives. Enjoy the experience of having a new puppy in the house!


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