Five Things Rottweilers Like and Love You to Do

What things do Rottweilers like and love you to do? There’s no denial over the fact that we like to love on our Rottweilers, but when we do so, we often do it our way. Let’s unlock things Rottweilers like you to do, but this time from a canine’s standpoint. And no, surprisingly, two things we commonly do didn’t top the list. Read more…..

It comes natural for us humans to see things our way and we often unknowingly reflect our anthropomorphic views on Rover. We therefore assume that our Rottweilers like to be hugged and kissed because that’s what we do in our culture to demonstrate affection, but we may have really never asked ourselves if our Rottweilers enjoy these activities as much as we do. So let’s start off with clearing a common misconception.

Do Rottweilers Really Like Hugs and Kisses?

rottweilers love kisses

If we look at pictures of humans hugging Rottweilers, we often see Rottweiler owners happily embracing their Rottweilers but what about the Rottweiler? It’s not usual to see the Rottweiler licking its lips and looking over all uncomfortable. Patrica McConnell, a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist in the famous book “The Other End of the Leash” explains that hugging is an instinctive hard-wired behavior of primates. Rottweilers do not hug; actually, to the contrary, putting paws on another Rottweiler’s shoulders is considered very rude in Rottweiler social etiquette. On top of that, Rottweilers do not like being restrained. Out of 50 pictures of hugged Rottweilers, McConnell saw none of them looking happy.

And what about kissing?

In the human world, kissing is our way to offer affection, but what about Rottweilers? We never see Rottweilers kissing each other in the real sense of the word. Putting our faces near an unfamiliar Rottweiler is also very risky business. Rottweilers who have been conditioned to being kissed may tolerate them; however, once again, we’re engaging in behaviors popular among humans and not so much in Rottweilers.

It’s important though to make one clarification: while many Rottweilers dislike hugs and kisses, there are always exceptions to the rules. It’s possible that some Rottweilers have been conditioned to put up with our human displays, perhaps some even enjoy them, and at the very best, some may just tolerate them. Wondering if your Rottweiler enjoys hugs and kisses? Stay tuned for our next upcoming article on how to recognize stress signals denoting uneasiness in Rottweilers. If your Rottweiler shows any of these signs when you kiss him or hug him, it’s time to focus on things Rottweilers really likes you to do.

So What Things Do Rottweilers Love You to Do?

So if Rottweilers aren’t that fond of hugs and kisses, what would they love us to do? In order to find out, we must put ourselves in our Rottweiler’s shoes. For once, let’s put away our anthropomorphic views and do what’s in the best interest of our Rottweilers, shall we? Here is a rule of thumb: if your Rottweiler really likes what you do, he’ll likely ask for you to do it more and more, so pay attention to what your Rottweiler is trying to tell you. Keep in mind though that not all Rottweilers are created equal, to each his own.

Yes, Grab That Leash!

You heard this coming, didn’t you? If your Rottweiler gets all happy and excited when you grab the leash and does the happy dance, most likely he can’t wait to go outside and enjoy a stroll with you. Most likely if he could talk he would be telling you something like this: “Oh, cool! What a great idea! I’m up for it, let’s get going!” This simple activity is free, and best of all, it also keeps you healthy and in shape.

Yes, Gimme a Sniffing Adventure!

While you’re on your walk, make it a habit of allowing him at least one or two stops to engage in his favorite activity: sniffing! Most Rottweilers love to sniff, and best of all, this activity can be tiring. In order to prevent your Rottweiler from constantly pulling to go sniff everywhere, find a compromise and allow him to stop in a few places after obeying a simple obedience command. For instance, you can ask him for a sit and then reward him by telling him “go sniff!” Granted, he’ll be super happy you have given him this much cherished opportunity.

Yes, You Got the Right Spot!

rottweiler rolling
rottweiler rolling

While kissing and hugging may not be on the top list of things your Rottweiler loves you to do, petting him the right way may rank high in his hierarchy of wishes. Your Rottweiler most likely loves it when you pet him if he gives you signs of wanting you to continue. Try this experiment: pet him and then abruptly stop. What does your Rottweiler do? If he nudges your hand, leans against you or paws at you, most likely it’s his way of telling you: “keep on doing what you were doing.” Remember that all Rottweilers are different. Some Rottweilers may love belly rubs, others may not. Several Rottweilers don’t like pats on the head especially from strangers, while others may prefer scratches behind the ears.

Yes, Gimme Mental Stimulation!

We often think about providing our Rottweilers with exercise, but what about mental stimulation? Rottweilers crave that too! Your Rottweiler will be happy if you find him ways to keep his mind busy. Instead of feeding him using the food bowl, stuff kibble in a Kong Wobbler or toss his kibble around the home for him to recover.

Yes, We Love Routines!

Last but not least, your Rottweiler will be very thankful if you incorporate consistency and routines is his day-to-day life. Moves, abrupt schedule disruptions and too many changes will stress him out. Let him relax with a predictable schedule and clear, consistent rules.

And of course, among things Rottweilers like you to do, we must add that Rottweilers love when you feed them, play with them and train them if you make these activities extra fun!


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