Don’t Forget These 15 Things As A Rottweiler Owner

As a Rottweiler owner, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Not only will it help establish a solid relationship between your Rottweiler and you, but it will also ensure that you guys are able to understand each other. And, why should you forget these As a Rottweiler owner, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Not only will it help establish a solid relationship between your Rottweiler and you, but it will also ensure that you guys are able to understand each other.anyway? Your dog’s emotions are important too, aren’t they? You love your dog, you want them to live forever, we know. But since that is an improbability, why not grow such a strong dynamic whilst alive, that you can still keep thinking about them when they are long gone?

Here are 15 things that you as a Rottweiler owner should never forget.

1. Don’t make a face if you see your Rottweiler jumping around when they see you. Remember they only live for a decade or so, when you might live for 70 years. Every second away from you is a curse for them.

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2. As a Rottweiler owner, it is ridiculous of you to expect perfection from your dog on the first try. Come on, they are trying- give them some time.

Rottweiler owner

3. There is no reason why you should not care or love them when they are old. Just because they are not Insta-worthy anymore, doesn’t mean you are simply going to neglect them.

4. Your Rottweiler is going to get dirty once in a while, and there is literally nothing you can do about it. So, instead of scolding them for it, indulge them.

5. Trust your Rottweiler. Of all creatures, they are the ones you can trust with your life.

6. Never ever lock your Rottweiler up as punishment. Imagine being all alone in a world where there is no one for you. Now imagine your Rottweiler being in your position. Don’t do it.

7. Take them with you on rides. Or walks. Anything. Don’t coop them up. This causes intense psychological damage to the Rottweiler. You wouldn’t want to see the same thing every single day, would you?

8. Training is an important aspect of a Rottweiler’s life. As a Rottweiler owner, you have to train them every single day and show them new stuff. Else things will quickly get boring, and boring is not good.

9. Tell them out loud how much you love them. They might not understand it, but the love in your words will make them feel the same way about you.

10. Never ever abuse your Rottweiler. We shouldn’t even be giving you reasons as to why not.

11. Don’t hit your Rottweiler. Come on, do we really need to spell it out?

12. As a Rottweiler owner, you should understand that your dog might not want to play every single time you want them to. They need their privacy, their space too. And if you can’t understand that, you shouldn’t have a dog in the first place. They are not playthings, remember that.

Rottweiler training

13. Yes, you need to take care of your Rottweiler’s diet, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be giving them some treats once in a while. Feed them dog biscuits when they have completed a task set before them. Encouragement is key to a successful relationship.

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14. Your Rottweiler needs a social life, and you can give them that by introducing them to other dogs. Or any other creature. Let them choose.

15. Your Rottweiler is never going to forget how you treat them, so make sure to treat them with kindness.

As a Rottweiler owner, these are a few things that you would do well to remember. At the end of the day, it is all about you and your dog. Nothing else should matter.


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