This Dog Spent 15 Years Being Chained to a Tree

Lesson We Should Learn on Treating Our Pets

This Dog Spent 15 Years Being Chained to a Tree. Until This Man Rescued Him and Set Him Free.

written by: oliviashannon

Mani the Stafford shire Terrier was only a puppy when the people who owned and took care of him decided to tie him in their residence in Australia. Mani did love and like chewing things just like the other puppies and because his care takers never gave him the best things to chew and eat or even unchain him so that he could have some exercises or even give him good training, Mani decided to destroy the furniture. When he destroyed the furniture’s then his care takers decided to throw him out so that they he could not destroy other furniture’s and also so that they could save the remaining furniture’s they had. Whenever they threw him out, Mani would always escape and he had now known that there are more better places in the world where it was best for spending a living. The former owners of Mani would chain him up to a tree so that he would not escape. This happened for 15 years and he remained chained.

There came a man who fortunately found Mani and since he had a girlfriend they would not let Mani suffer alone and continue enduring suffering where he had been held as hostage. Mani was usually underfed and neglected completely. The couple did decide to approach the former owners of Mani and they did agree to provide Mani with a better life than the one he was having. Fortunately and out of luck the former owners did accept the offer.

Those who rescued Mani normally say that from interactions he had had with him several weeks looking for a new home where he could make his residence. He also said that he understands what means by being mistreated and how mistreating may do harm to the dogs behaviors. He also never showed any signs of aggression towards the dog but he also interacted well with the three-year-old cat, which he met in his new home. This couple did contact a friend who used to run a non-profit animal shelter and within the first week Mani had been and found a new home. The person who had decided to adopt the dog did send some photos of Mani and they looked so nice because they revealed that Mani was been fed properly and also strong as he was having enough exercise. He also looked nice free from his chains.

The elderly dogs rescuer said that regardless of what he did for Mani, it was about time for fact that his good dog lived out as a reminder of his years with a family that cared and a family that would treat him with enough respect and care that was well deserving. He also believed that since he was not living in America, so the place that he resided is also legal and as a bright person he believed that it was a right treating all animals with a high level of respect because being restrained in one place like Mani was restrained in a tree and also been starved is so inhuman.

The life lessons we learn from this article are;

We should not ignore our dogs

We should not leave our dogs out when it’s too cold or too hot

No matter how busy we are we should always have time with our dogs and other pets.

We are supposed to give our pets some comfort whenever they are scared

Never ever take out your stress with your pet

You should never get frustrated and give up on your pets

You should teach your pet new things.

You should take your pets to new places so as to visit other pet friends 

You should not abandon your pet when new people and family members arrive



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