Human shave never imagined of any of their children being raised by animals. Cases of animals looking after human kids however have left the human fraternity with food for thought. Upon these numerous researches have been established to understand animals better.

Various incidents relating to that have been recorded in history. These children raised by animals end up having cognitive problems. These kids, popularly known as feral kids, often portray traits of their adopted mothers and often have shown interest of rejoining, say, the jungle where they had been used to living.
A case of the ‘wolf children’ , Kamala and Amala, could be among some of the old incidents in recent history. They were found in 1920s in Godamuri jungle, India under the care of a she-wolf in whose company they were when thy were rescued.

The wolf wasn’t alone but also with the rest of the pack. They were 8 and 3 years respectively when they were rescued. They later died of fatal illnesses after they had been put in an orphanage.


In 2001 a Chilean boy was found alongside a pack of dogs in a cave. Having been neglected he had sought companion among the dogs for two years in which they had been helping him scavenge for food as well as provide him with protection. A spokesperson remarked that the boy and the dogs had been living like a family.
Earlier on in 2008 Argentinian police found a one year old boy surrounded by eight world cats. They had been keeping him alive during the freezing winter cold by laying on the baby during the cold.

They were also trying to lick mud on the boy’s skin and he was seen eating food provided for by the protective brood.
Natasha was a girl who was found by welfare workers living with dogs and cats and trying to do whatever the dogs did. She would also lap food from a bowl like them.
A toddler in Russia was found locked up with goats in Russia in 2012. Though with parents, the mother would lock up the baby with the goats and from them she developed some of their characters. For instance, she wouldn’t sleep on a cot but instead would try to sleep fro beneath it like goats.
Marina Chapman was left in a Colombian jungle by kidnappers when she was only five. With nobody close by and left for the dead, she found family in a group of capuchin monkeys.

According to experts, these monkeys are known to accept children into their fold. She was later rescued by hunters.
A boy named Prateep in Thailand would often be left by grandmother when she went away for work. The boy would stay for long periods with the dog than the grandmother till he started making dog sounds instead of human!
Ivan Mishukov was found living in the streets of Moscow with stray dogs that he had become so fond of to the extent of sharing food and, when he was taken from them, he stayed for a whole month without being able to get used to a life without the companions.

A boy named Edik was discovered in Ukraine living with wild dogs in an old apartment in Mirny. He was rescued and socialized back into humanity though with difficulties.

In 1800 an eleven years old boy named victor was found near Saint Sernin in France crawling on all fours and snacking food having lived with animals.

As seen animals have a parenting instinct and more so, dogs. It thus seems that animals may have traits that humans haven’t discovered yet.


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