Canine Addison’s Disease Is A Major Rottweiler Health Problem

Addison’s disease is a quite common disease that affects dogs, especially larger ones like Rottweiler and Labradors. This is a hormonal disease caused by the deficiency in the production of adrenal gland hormones like cortisol. These adrenal glands are two glands located beside the kidney, and they regulate the major body functions of your Rottweiler. In the event that they don’t, your dog is going to suffer from a host of other diseases. So, you should always take your dog to a vet in order to check for Canine Addison’s Disease, and see if your dog is healthy and fine, or not. It is your responsibility to protect your Rottweiler from health problems.

Types of Canine Addison’s Disease

There’re two forms of Canine Addison’s disease: the primary form and the secondary form. Primary Canine Addison’s disease is the commonest which can be divided into two further subgroups- typical and atypical. A primary Addison’s disease involves the dog destroying their own adrenal gland. No one really knows why this phenomenon happens. Cancer, toxins, medications to treat other illnesses too could be a catalyst to a malfunctioning adrenal gland.

Secondary Addison’s results from problems in some other gland in the body- like the pituitary gland. This gland regulates the main hormone secretion in the entire body, and if there is a tumor there- it is going to cause a problem. Your Rottweiler can also get afflicted with Addison’s disease if they were previously on a course of steroids, which was abruptly stopped.


1. Lethargy

2. Poor appetite

3. Weight loss

4. Dehydration

5. An excessive amount of thirst

6. Decreasing heart rate

7. Shaking/shivering

8. Weakness

9. Vomiting

10. Depression

In some cases, the symptoms can get much stronger than expected. If you see your Rottweiler vomit, convulse and then collapse- contact a vet immediately.

How To Diagnose 

Your vet will definitely prescribe full-body tests of your Rottweiler in order to determine the exact location and reason behind your Rottweiler’s health problem. The vet may prescribe the following tests in order to diagnose Canine Addison’s disease.

1. Tests to diagnose sugar levels

2. Antibody tests to check for infectious diseases

3. Complete Blood Count to check for blood-related conditions

4. Electrolyte test to check for dehydration

5. Urine test

6. Thyroid Test

7. ECG

8. ACTH to check for cortisol levels

Treating Canine Addison’s Disease

Treating Canine Addison’s disease is not an impossibility, for your Rottweiler can easily live a healthy life after oral medication. Their diet and lifestyle might also remain unchanged. But, just to be a hundred percent sure, your vet might check your Rottweiler for adrenal levels. They might also hospitalize your Rottweiler for some follow-ups.

In the event that your Rottweiler has a deeper contraction of Addison’s, your vet might prescribe a life-long subscription of cortisol. They might also check up on your Rottweiler regularly to make sure that the medications work properly. Especially during surgery, traveling or boarding.

Canine Addison’s disease is treatable- one simply needs to be more aware of their Rottweiler’s needs, wants and problems. It’s your dog, after all. Take care of your Rottweiler when such health problems arise.


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