Can Rottweilers Be Good Service Pups? Let’s Find Out!

Throughout the years, Rottweilers have been mistakenly labelled as rough or violent dogs. However, if you are the proud owner of a Rottie, then you know that this is simply not true. They are certainly some of the best pups you will welcome into your home. 

However, does this mean that Rottweilers are also good service pups? Do they have the physical and emotional skills to handle this role? If this is a question you have been asking yourself, then it is about to be answered below…

The Short Answer 

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? In short, Rottweilers can be used to help people with physical or psychiatric disabilities. There is even a precedent for it. Of course, for a Rottie to be really good at this job, he or she must be trained incredibly well. 

In particular, it is important for Rottweilers to be trained from a very early age, by an experienced trainer. This will ensure that all their good habits are cemented at the right time. As long as this requirement is fulfilled, there is no reason why a Rottweiler shouldn’t provide a helping paw. 

Why Rotties Work for People with Physical Disabilities 

Let’s take a look at why Rotties may be an excellent choice for someone with certain physical difficulties. 

They are Strong and Powerful

You have to take just one look at a Rottie to know that they are strong and powerful dogs. It is this sturdiness and agility that makes them so great for people with certain physical disabilities. Keep in mind, many people who require service animals have stability issues. Or, they may have trouble moving around on their own. 

Most Rottweilers, however, are more than capable of helping with this. Not to mention, as they are bigger dogs, many people with physical issues feel more comfortable leaning on this breed. Thus, it is a perfect partnership. 

Rotties also have pretty good endurance. This makes them great for people who need to be constantly on the go. In fact, they thrive on exercise. As such, with a Rottweiler by your side, you don’t have to worry about slowing down at all.

They Can Be Trained to Help 

You will have naturally realized that your Rottie is quite intelligent. Due to this, he or she can be trained to undertake a number of tasks. This includes fetching things for their owners or even turning switches on or off. 

As you can imagine, this is quite important for people who can’t move around or bend easily. In this sense, a Rottie can make someone’s life a great deal easier.  

They are Easy to Groom 

Naturally, people with certain physical problems will face some limitations with how much they can do. Thus, they may find it tough to be partnered with a dog that has numerous grooming needs. As you are probably aware, though, this isn’t an issue with Rottweilers at all. 

They tend to be pretty low-maintenance animals. Yes, their coats do need frequent brushing. However, as long as you stay on top of this, their coat will remain sparkling and clean. They don’t need to be bathed all that often either, especially if they don’t roll around in the dirt and mud. 

The only other thing you really have to keep up with as far as Rottie grooming goes is to clean your pup’s muzzle and flews. You may have already noticed that a Rottweiler’s muzzle tends to trap saliva. As such, you need to wipe this area frequently.  

How Rottweilers Can Help with Psychiatric Disorders 

If you have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, it may be possible for you to get a service dog for your mental health. Once again, Rotties are well-suited to the associated tasks of such a responsibility. 

For one thing, Rotties are incredibly loving and loyal. Due to this, they can be quite useful to individuals with anxiety disorders who often need a certain level of comfort. Not to mention, Rotties can also fetch certain necessary items if their owner is having a panic attack. 

Needless to say, Rottweilers are great guard dogs and most people feel quite safe around them. Thus, they could help individuals with PTSD to feel safer, especially when they are outside. Also, many people give this breed a wide berth and may be less likely to crowd around someone who is uncomfortable in social situations. 

There is also the fact that Rottweilers are friendly creatures. As such, they are a joy to be around and are great at lifting anyone’s mood. They can also encourage social behavior since they are quite good with other people, including children. This, of course, is once strangers have become more comfortable being around your Rottie. 

Any owner worth his or her salt knows that Rotties are energetic and need lots of outdoor time. Interestingly enough, this is actually an important trait to some people. Simply needing to attend to your Rottie’s basic needs could get you outdoors and give you some fresh air. For certain psychiatric disorders such as depression, getting more exercise can actually help alleviate many symptoms. 

All in all, Rottweilers do make excellent service pups as long as they have been trained well. Thus, if you are thinking of getting this breed to help you out in a physical or psychological capacity, you can be certain that you have chosen well. 

At the same time, you need to be aware of how to pick the right dog. Each pup is different and it isn’t enough to simply have a good emotional connection with your service dog. The pooch should be able to carry out all the tasks you require without any problem. 

It’s just as important that the pup in question has the right temperament for you. Thus, if you need a quieter or calmer dog, it’s vital that the pooch has all these traits. Only then will you and your dog be able to work in perfect harmony. 


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