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If you are looking for a smart, eager-to-please dog that fits well into a family willing to give it the time and attention it needs – then a Rottweiler is a perfect choice. These large dogs are highly intelligent, they are naturally protective and your children will always feel safe when at home or out walking in the fields with this pup.

The great thing about such a large breed is that it is easily trained, and with a lot of exercise and activities you will find this a surprisingly low-maintenance pet. As responsible pup parents, you also need to think about what you feed your Rottweiler so that they’re as healthy and happy as can be.

Health and Nutrition

It is no secret that for the size of the breed you will need to feed it a nutritionally sound diet, that has all the essential vitamins and minerals, and has a decent amount of protein to feed those active muscles.

An adult Rottweiler requires around 22-26% whole protein in its meals from either chicken, lamb, or turkey. Starting young ‘Rotties’ on an adult-based diet from early on will help them better adapt to the diet while going through their growth spike while preventing joint problems common in larger dogs.

Rottweilers can eat a variety of foods and certain vegetables, but you need to ensure their meals contain fats and proteins to fuel them on their daily adventures. Foods that contain chondroitin and glucosamine will keep the joints and hips flexible.

While this breed does well in eating a large variety of food ingredients they do have a high sensitivity to a lot of foods too. It might be worth looking at fresh food options that are formulated by canine nutritionists, contain no extras or preservatives, and that dogs love too! BarkingTalk has compared the best fresh dog food brands to make your decision easier.

Too often we assume the store-bought brands have everything our pets need. But to keep the mass-produced dog food on the shelves for that long a certain amount of chemicals and stabilizers need to be added. This is not something you want your dog consuming.

Fresh dog food offers your pet the best of ingredients, and you will quickly notice the difference in their energy levels, their coat that is thicker and shinier, and improved skin conditions which a lot of Rottweilers can suffer from.

The Positives of Fresh Food for Your Rottweiler

There are many advantages to giving your dog the best of nutrition, just like any other family member a good plate of food will keep you healthy and strong. Let’s see what some of the other benefits are of feeding your pet fresh dog food.

  • Digestion – Fresh foods are digested much quicker and more effectively. Nutrients are maximized when they aren’t completely cooked away and the vitamins and minerals in organic foods are absorbed into the body that much better.
  • Inflammation – Without the chemicals and additives you prevent inflammation in the body and essentially eliminate the risk of skin flare-ups. Your pup will be more comfortable not having to suffer through the pain of swollen and stiff joints.
  • Maintenance – Feeding your four-legged friend fresh dog food keeps you in control. Many of the brands pre-portion the meals to ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight.


Rottweilers have a lifespan of around 8-10 years so keeping an eye on their food is a must, they can quickly become overweight as they enjoy eating. Do not feed your dog scraps off the table or foods that have a high fat content.

A well-balanced diet takes some effort on your part but as a pet owner, this is a responsibility you took on when bringing this fur ball into your home. The main components of a nutritionally sound meal are:

  1. Protein for building and repairing muscles and promoting cell reproduction for new hair growth and skin renewal.
  2. A good percentage of carbohydrates fuel their high activity levels and as an energy source, it feeds the brain and nervous system.
  3. Vitamins, minerals, and fats for optimal functioning of vital organs, promoting bone formation and keeping their coats thick and healthy.

Feel the Love

Rottweilers are loyal, trusting dogs and will protect you and your family for all the days they are with you. A diet with fresh food will make them feel happy and healthy, and they will thank you for it with endless licks and stares of adoration.

There is nothing more heartwarming than staring into the eyes of your pet and seeing their unconditional love, and giving them the best life they deserve is a small way to show your love for them.


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