Are rottweilers good with cats? 

Is it possible for a rottweiler to get along with a cat? There is a common myth that this breed is very aggressive. It is not the truth. Rottweilers are not vicious at all. Moreover, these dogs are confident, courageous, and calm. 

Of course, it is hard for them to make friends with cats. But if a rottweiler is adequately socialized, there won’t be any difficulties in adjusting to a cat.  

The main secret is to socialize your dog and prepare it for the first rendezvous with afluffy. 

Here are some secrets of how you can succeed in it.  

Cats and rottweilers. Can they be friends?

rottweiler and cats

Rottweilers love their territory. They will do everything to protect it. That’s one of the reasons why many people consider them to be violent. That’s not true. Moreover, these dogs are very calm and friendly. Actually, they can get along with cats much better than they do with other dogs.  

If you raise this breed among other cats, it will get socialized very soon. There won’t be any problems if you bring a rottweiler puppy to your home. Moreover, it will be perfect if there are one or two cats already. That’s how it can get used to playing with other animals since childhood.  

Rottweilers that grew up with cats think they are the members of their family. So these dogs will protect your fluffies and get along with them very well.  

However, it is not a usual thing to introduce a rottweiler to your family when it is a puppy. Sometimes we deal with grown-up dogs that have a formed temper and habits. In such a case, it will be much harder for them to make friends with cats.  

As we already mentioned, rottweilers tend to be protective. And protection sometimes can be expressed in a violent and aggressive form. So you can’t predict what will happen if you gather your cat and dog together.  

That’s why socializing is very important. Rottweilers need to know what it’s like to be among people and animals since their childhood. It will also be much easier for you to take your dog to your friends’ house and simply go outside. 

Is there a perfect way to introduce your rottweiler to a cat? 

rottweiler and cats
rottweiler and cats

When you face the problem of introducing your dog to your cat, it can be tough to develop a cool scenario of doing it perfectly well. However, there are some essential principles you should stick to. 

First of all, never leave your rottweiler alone with your cat before the moment they feel it is okay for both of them. Animals may feel uncomfortable for quite a long time. But it would help if you were patient. Wait till they calm down. Put a leash on your rottweiler first. Then slowly make it enter the room and get introduced to your cat. These dogs can be quite unpredictable, so make sure you hold the leash tight. You don’t need any trouble.  

Rottweilers don’t like surprises. They will react aggressively on any unusual stuff. Keep that in mind and make sure your dog won’t get stressed. 

Don’t force your fog to get acquainted with another animal. Let it ascertain the situation and decide what to do next. Control each next step and make sure your pets feel relaxed. 

Dogs know that we are someone who can protect them all the way. So they trust us till the moment we give them a reason to stop believing us. Don’t let that happen. 

Second, you need to organize a separate bed for each of your pets. It is crucial for both cats and dogs to feel safe. They need a “home base” where they can relax. It’s a place your pets can always escape to. Having an electronic cat flap is an intelligent and effective way to help your pets have their own access to the separate zones. 

Third, it is important to complement your dog and cat each time they make their relationship progress. Give their favorite treats. It can become a cool motivation for your pets to behave well and get along as fast as possible.  

What happens when you bring a rottweiler to a home with a cat? 

Are rottweilers good with cats
Are rottweilers good with cats

First of all, you need to know that both of your pets are ready to meet each other. How can you be sure that they are okay? Give them both something that smells just like a dog/cat. Smell is the most essential thing in wildlife. That’s how animals get 90% of the information about each other. It must be the first step in your preparation. Never omit it.  

After they get used to each other’s smell, you can introduce them through a glass door or a window. You can also bring them to a gate. That’s how they can not only see but also sniff each other. Your pets will recognize the smell and relax. 

The next step is the most responsible one — face-to-face communication. Let your cat go inside the room. Then bring your dog on a leash. Never do it vice versa. Remember that rottweilers protect their territory, that’s why they can become too aggressive if someone appears in the room after them. 

Let your pets take their time. They need to sniff each other once more and understand they are safe. As soon as it happens, you can unleash your dog. However, in 40-50% cases, things go wrong, and you need to wait for a second rendezvous to let everything happen. 

What happens when you bring a cat to a home with a rottweiler? 

Are rottweilers good with cats

The process is similar. Always stay in the room until both pets feel comfortable and safe. Make sure you hold your leash tight. Rottweiler is a master of your domain, that’s why you need to keep an eye on your buddy. 

What happens if you introduce your rottweiler to a cat outside? 

It is much easier to introduce your dog to your friend’s or neighbor’s cat. This pet won’t be the resident of your house, that’s why you won’t need to pay so much attention to this meeting. 

Remember that your pet trusts you. It knows that you won’t let it get into any trouble. So always take your leash when you go outside, and everything will be okay! 


As you see, it can take some time to make sure your pets are friends forever. You need to follow several simple rules to let everything go right.  


However, it’s quite a doable task. You just need to be patient and calm. Be mindful of all the body signs and keep an eye on your pets during the first week your animals spend together. Have fun!  

Author Bio: Jimmie O’Chutt is CEO at – online magazine about cat care and nutrition. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and has zero tolerance to low quality pet supplies. 



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