Aging Fur: How to Take Care of Your Old Rottweilers

Imagine having had a long day from whatever it is you are doing, and as you are entering your home, your adorable Rottweiler warmly welcomes you, and just like that, the stress you feel disappears. Without a shadow of a doubt, seeking comfort and companionship in a dog is one of the best decisions a person can make.  

Rottweilers, specifically, are great additions to the family! Having them around will make you feel all fuzzy inside because they are loyal, sharp-minded, and friendly guardian animals. Owning a Rottweiler pup may be quite a challenge, but so is having an old Rottie in your house. So, one must make an effort to keep them happy and healthy.  

Just like an elderly human being, an old canine will also show signs of aging. Their mental and physical health slowly declines, grayish hairs are creeping in, and they may quickly get tired. However, your senior Rottweilers are still the loyal guardians they once were, but they need extra care. Thus, read this guide to give you tips on how to take care of your old fur babies. 

Regularly Visit Your Vet 

Your senior Rottweilers need to regularly visit the veterinary clinic to catch any problems and illnesses if there is one since they are prone to them due to their age. If you live around Australia, you can visit the experts over at Vitapet Australia for your pet’s checkups. The vets have very crucial roles in the lives of people’s pets since they treat and detect any diseases.  

Senior pet checkups are similar to those for younger pets, but they are more comprehensive. They typically include dental care, bloodwork and may undergo specific procedures to look for physical symptoms of more common diseases in old pets. 

Maintain Excellent Oral Health 

Having poor oral health can be harmful to a senior dog whose immune system is already declining or does not function as well as it once did. Gum disease affects up to 80% of dogs at some time in their lives, and poor oral health can significantly impact senior dogs’ general health. 

One thing you can do is brush your Rottie’s teeth every day to avoid gum disease and foul breath. Brushing their teeth twice or thrice times a week will also be enough to eliminate tartar and the bacteria inside them. 

Create Appropriate Diet Plan 

Adequate nutrition is essential in your senior Rottie’s overall health! Pets’ food requirements alter as they age, depending on the activities they usually do and their overall health. With that said, it is better to consult first your pet’s veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist before moving your pet to a specific meal plan to give you the appropriate nourishments for your dog. 

Keep Them Active 

An aging Rottweiler’s energy and strength will eventually deteriorate. They will also be more susceptible to health and physical problems, including arthritis and weight gain. However, regardless of your dog’s physical limits, there is always something enjoyable to do to assist him in maintaining his active lifestyle and best health. 

Walking your dogs is always a good idea because they will always look forward to it no matter how old they get. Rottweilers are social dogs, so they will still enjoy socializing with other dogs, especially their age. 

It is also an excellent plan to choose activities that target their weak spots. For instance, suppose your dog has delicate hips, then you might want to consider engaging them in a physical activity that will help relieve stress on the joints in those areas while also strengthening their muscles. 

Give Them Time and Affection 

Dogs bring years of joy and love to many households and expect nothing in return. However, it is still better to reciprocate their loyalty, which is also one of the ways to give them happiness. Give your old dog the same time, love, and affection, just like in his early years, as if nothing has changed! 

As their dependency on humans develops, senior dogs are likely to become more affectionate toward their human companion. Calmly talk to your dogs and offer them praises and treats. Any love and attention you give a dog should be gentle since they can now quickly get stressed, unlike before.  

Also, make their comfort a top priority; this is another way of showing them affection. Since they are now sensitive to their environment, you can help them by simply making their bed cozy and avoiding exposure to extreme surroundings such as too much direct sunlight or cold. 


Having an old Rottweiler may take a lot more effort. Still, when you think about it, the best things in life are typically those we have to work hard for, and trying out the tips from this guide is already an indicator that you are taking the next level to take care of your dog, making you a great dog owner! 

Spending time with your dogs and showing them affection whenever you can help them feel more at ease around you and, as a result, be more friendly and affectionate. Through all the lazy days and fun nights you encounter, your dog will always be there to keep you company. 



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