Adopting From A Rottweiler Rescue: A Story Of Love, Perseverance, And Endless Rewards

It is heartbreaking when one of the most beautiful of relationships at times end in abandonment and desertion. Rottweiler rescue groups have often despaired that these lovable and sensitive dogs are left in a shelter far away from their homes on flimsy grounds.

The Reasons And Rationale Behind Abandonment And Desertion

Rottweilers are left to fend for themselves by insensitive owners for reasons for which the dog cannot be blamed. They finally end up on the street or at the mercy of animal control officers or rescued from unscrupulous breeders and apathetic owners.

The excuses doled out are many. People have talked about insufficient funds, relocation, and allergy. But would they do the same for other family members? At times they have laid the blame squarely on the Rottweiler, blaming their hyperactivity, ferocity or their lack of training.

Rottweiler rescued

The People Behind Rottweiler Rescue: A Desire To Save Them At Any Cost

Many wonderful shelters have done a lot to relocate these courageous but goofy giants. They are staffed by dedicated people who do their absolute best to care for the animals. These networks of volunteers can be reached for rescuers passionate about Rottweilers. They have been at the forefront of Rottweiler rescue and have strived to relocate the dogs and find forever homes for them.

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The Beloved Rottweiler Is The Most Susceptible

Rottweilers are more susceptible than other breeds to abandonment or desertion and there is a lot of misinformation about this breed. People who want a big mean guard dog do not take the trouble to find out what it takes to keep a Rottweiler. Rottweilers are not just bought off the shelf; they also need endless hours of love and training. Behind each rescued Rottweiler is a distressing story of inexperienced and heartless owners and inept training methods.

Waiting To Be Rescued

Many Rottweilers await their turn at finding forever homes. They make wonderful pets and all they need are regular training and exercise to hone their mind and body. There are innumerable Rottweiler rescues doing this wonderful job.

abandoned Rottweiler

Determining The Right Rottweiler From A Rescue

You would need professional help to decide which rescued Rottweiler would be suitable for you. It depends on both your and the Rottweiler’s past conditions. Your housing condition, the time you can afford to spend, experience, and finally determination must be weighed. You are up for scrutiny as much as the Rottweiler waiting to be rescued. The Rottweiler does not deserve a second rejection.

The Adoption Process

There is the right Rottweiler in numerous shelters, pounds, and  Rottweiler rescue centers across the country, waiting for you. Be prepared for a fair number of questions. It only ensures that the new home is just right for the rescued Rottweiler.

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A Time To Question And Answer

It’s a vital part of the screening process. You will be asked questions about your housing and your family members. You would love telling them about the reason for adopting a Rottweiler and your familiarity with the breed. Finally, it is about how you plan to help the Rottweiler settle in and the food and exercise schedule for them.

The process of measuring up to a Rottweiler seems a little daunting but it is worth it. Your Rottie will reward your efforts in full measure and a lot more. By giving them a second shot at life, you are forging a bond of a lifetime.


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