7 types of Household chores your Rottweiler can help you with

We all hate doing household chores and cleaning the mess our pooches tend to make every single hour. But what if they clean up all themselves or what if they help you with even your personal chores as well? Sounds really exciting! This is because we probably never imagined a dog helping us with household chores, especially Rottweilers, who are generally known for being outdoor working pooches rather than being a shy indoor family pooch.

Well, let me tell you Rottweilers are “completely family pooches” just like others despite having strong protective nature. In fact, Rottweilers are one of the best dog breeds that can help you with your chores. This is because they are super active working pooches and so, tend to become sad and destructive on staying jobless. Rotties eagerly wait for being tied into some work and this is a piece of great news for people who just hate doing household chores!

So, without a further delay, let’s get into the 7 different household chores your Rottweiler can help you with within your daily routine!

1- Pulling work

You can absolutely hand over all the pulling works to your Rottie while doing other household chores.

Let me explain to you why!

“According to the historical records, Rottweiler used to pull and take meat carts from butchers to the market many decades ago.”

Well, certainly, you will not be having a “meat cart” pulling work included in your chores list. Still, there are so many other pulling tasks you might have been doing alone for so long that you can certainly leave on your Rottie, from now on.

For example,

We all plan to clean yards but tend to postpone it again and again as it involves a wide range of different tasks. But you don’t need to postpone your cleaning plans anymore if you have a cute Rottweiler in your house.

Do all the sitting tasks like cutting, leveling, re-edging, seeding, and watering yourself, and let your Rottie pull the debris cart from one place to another every single time. You can also ask your buddy to run and bring tools and other stuff so that you can do the whole task in a really short time.

Other pulling tasks you can involve your Rottie into can be, pulling off a grocery cart in the supermarket, moving garbage trolley to the street dustbin, taking serving trollies to the guests, and pulling baby prams or strollers sometimes if needed. However, of course, you will need to train your pooch for all the stuff but they will surely learn all this in a really quick time as they were initially bred for pulling work which still might be running in their bloodline.

2- Lifting work

Rottweilers are working dogs and are super strong. They are one of the most muscular dog breeds.

Hence, you can get assistance from your Rottie in lifting works as well.

As mentioned previously, your Rottie can help you with trolly pulling when you are checking out

the labels of food products and finding other stuff in the supermart. But furthermore, this grocery shopping can become even easier if you allow your Rottie to carry and take these shopping bags from your car to inside your house. Your Rottweiler will definitely gonna love this, as they just need “any job” to do.

You can also ask your Rottweiler to take dirty clothes baskets to laundry areas or washed clothes baskets back to the wardrobe. You rottie can also help you out by moving boxes filled with heavy stuff to other rooms if you have just shifted your house or need some assistance while renovating your rooms.

3- Early morning support

We all struggle to wake up early in the morning. Sometimes due to our late sleeping habits and sometimes because we just get lazy and keep on snoozing our alarms.

Well, you will be surprised to know that your Rottweiler buddy can be your natural alarm clock as they can attack you with their licks and cuddles every morning. Rottweilers can also learn tricks for the opening and closing of curtains. This “curtain opening” task alone is enough for you to get up as you will be getting natural sunlight directly on your face.

Other than all these, fidos usually hang out around the whole house and check if everything is fine after getting up just in case you are still asleep, and this is something really satisfying for the owners.

There are a few more things that your Rottie can help you with at the very beginning of your day. You can ask you Rottie to call all the family members one-by-one so they can have breakfast downstairs.  Your Rottie can also fetch you mail or newspaper from the mailbox outside.

Dogs not only help us wake early in the morning but can also become a “reminder” for our daily routine tasks. They are scheduled-buddies and want everything to be done at their specific fixed times. So, if your Rottie is trained well, she will definitely remind you when it’s mealtime or homework time or whenever you are getting late for something.

4- Cleaning of the house

Cleaning and sweeping are actually one of the most time-consuming household chores and a bit overwhelming as well. The good news here is that your Rottweiler would love to contribute her efforts to this horrible household chore.

Rottweiler will quickly learn to vacuum and sweep if the vacuum cleaner you own is really easy to hold. Likewise, if you have soft-handle mops and Swiffer, moping and other different cleanings can also be handed over to your rottie, or at least they can help you complete your 50% work themselves.

Other household cleaning cores your Rottweiler can help you with can be – taking and leaving trash into the dustbins. Rottweiler can also help you with “furniture dusting” if they are really craving for work and want to help you with anything possible. They just need to hold a feather duster pole into their mouth and move around the furniture in a way that it removes all the dust away.

There are a couple more things you can ask your Rottie to do for you!

Let your Rottweiler learn to wipe his dirty paws before entering the house. You can also ask her to clean eating areas every time after they have their meals.

This time you are not seeking help but making them learn something that will prevent them from making the whole mess that you would be cleaning later on.

5- Baby protection

Guarding your little baby is another thing your Rottweiler can do for you when you are busy doing your housework or other chores. It is also one of the best ways to keep your Rottie completely busy just in case you need to run a really urgent errand.

Other than this, you can also tie your Rottweiler to a job where they have to entertain your crying baby when you are unable to focus on your work. This way, the things would get done in a really short time as you will not be handling two things at a time, anymore!

6- Usual Home tasks

Rottweilers are really smart and tend to learn whatever you teach them in a really short time. Hence, you can teach your Rottie almost all of the household chores you do in a day and prevent yourself from getting overburdened.

Well, you can’t totally hand over a complete task to your pooch in this case. You rather have to partly involve them in your chores in a way that they provide assistance only. You will eventually find that 30-40% of your work is getting done alone by a little furry friend.

Your Rottie buddy can help you a lot with the laundry work as it usually involves a bunch of easy tasks. Ask your Rottie to bring a dirty clothes basket to the laundry area. Let her put them one-by-one inside the machine and ask them to take all the clothes out when they are washed. Similarly, tell her again to take the washed clothes basket back into the room.

Rottweilers can also be asked to gather and put the toys they scattered onto the floor, into the toy basket. Moreover, they can be trained for taking a bowl to the kitchen to remind you when it’s a mealtime. Similarly, you can ask them to bring stuff from the fridge or pick something that fell down when you are busy preparing dinner. They can also help you with dishes, sometimes.

Fidos genuinely get happy when are asked to complete a task so you can fearlessly ask them to do anything whether it is a cleaning chore or something relevant to the kitchen.

7- Retrieving Jobs

Even if your Rottie doesn’t help you with the above-discussed 6 types of household chores, just a lot of retrieving tasks done by them throughout the whole day will be pretty much enough for you. This task alone will eventually make you feel relaxed and less stressed at the end of the day.


what retrieving jobs you can offer your Rottweiler?

There are a bunch of things in our daily routine that are super annoying to us. For instance, bringing the mobile phone you left in your backyard, going up the stairs to pick a fallen key, carrying shopping bags in a mall, finding lost documents all around the house, and so much more.

In such situations, you literally wish to get a personal assistant that can help you do those stupid annoying tasks.

But you are actually lucky if you have a Rottweiler dog in your house. Here is the list of retrieving tasks you can ask your Rottie to do for you:

Pass the remote from a nearby table.

Bring a soft drink from the fridge.

Pick up the fallen things from the ground.

Carry baskets or other heavy stuff.

Close the door of the room.

Switch off the light and close the curtain (when you are too sleepy).

Find all the lost keys and important stuff.

Close kitchen’s open cabinets and drawers to make it look organized.

Rotties can undergo all these tasks faster than you as they are one of the most energetic dog breeds and always remain eager to get more and more tasks!


Keep in mind that you will not get the results if you immediately leave this site and ask your Rottweiler to do something. Your Rottie puppy will need to undergo obedience training, command learning, positive reinforcement, and a lot of practice to help you with each of the mentioned household chores. If they are grown up and well trained, they will definitely require lesser time and effort.

Moreover, Rottweilers can become stubborn sometimes.  In such cases, do not force or hit your Rottie to do anything or they will become aggressive and growl at you. Make a lot of fun times with your Rottweiler puppy first to get them to respect you. Then gradually move on to the learning process!

If you are new to the rottweiler breed and want to know so much including whether they are dangerous canines, then give a read to “Everything you need to know about Rottweiler”.


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