6 Fun facts you probably didn’t know about Rottweiler Dogs

Since you love large dogs, you have decided to adopt a Rottweiler. Well, you have made the right choice. Rottweilers are doubtlessly some of the most popular and respected dog breeds in the world. Apart from their size, they are also regarded as intelligent, confident, and loyal animals. Therefore, when you get one, you can rest assured that you will have a life-long companion who will always be at your side regardless of what you face in life.
But before you hit the pet store, there are a few facts that you need to learn about this dog breed. Prepare to be surprised.

This breed came from Rome
There is a widespread belief that Rottweilers came from German. Besides, the name ‘Rottweiler’ itself sounds German, right?
However, the truth of the matter is that this breed originated from Rome. Romans who inhibited Germany many years ago brought these dogs with them. They trained them to do a host of things, including pulling carts and doing lots of farm jobs. Thanks to their strength and disposition, these dogs were well suited for the work.
Through the years, the population of Rottweilers grew in German, and people somehow forgot their history. This is where many pet blogs, websites, and other sources of information will make you believe that this breed of dogs originated from Germany.
The fun fact here is, there were thousands of Rottweilers across Rome before the first one set foot in Germany.

They are popular police dogs
After the mid-1800s, when dog carts were replaced by railroads and donkey carts, the Rottweilers were left with no work. However, in the early 1900s, the police department realized how valuable these dogs were.
Their strong physique made them highly capable of doing police work; thus, they were incorporated in the force. Experts believe that having these dogs in the police force saved them from extinction.

Several celebrities own Rottweilers

Their strength, loyalty, and intelligence make them highly popular. However, one of the things that make Rotties even more popular is the fact that they are owned by a number of celebrities, including Will Smith, Hayden Panettiere, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Bruno Mars.

Rottweilers are obedient

Despite their size, Rottweilers are regarded in history as the most obedient dogs. They are used in quite a number of obedience contests, and they do way better than other dog breeds.
Therefore, if you buy a Rottweiler from a reputable breeder and train it effectively, it can turn out to be a well-balanced and obedient canine. Therefore, whenever you want to have your alone time or do what you love, such as scrutinizing NBA expert pick bets or watching your favorite TV program, you can ask this dog to go to bed, and it will gladly do it.

Rottweilers are not fearful animals
Most dog breeds are known to be neurotic, and they easily become fearful. Ultimately, this hinders their ability to live happily. However, Rottweilers are neither excitable nor neurotic. They are not afraid of anything, even at the early stages of their lives. Rather, they have curious minds, and they have the zeal to explore everything around them. This is why they are used as police and guard dogs.
By not being fearful, however, these dogs can hurt themselves. Therefore, you need to socialize them effectively so that they can know when to attack and when to back away.

They are ideal for experienced handlers
Without a doubt, a Rottie is the best dog you can have. However, if you are a first-time dog owner, having it as your first dog. Well, this doesn’t mean that they are aggressive. No! However, you need to remember that this dog fears nothing in nature. To keep one safe, therefore, you need to train and socialize it properly.
Look – even if you take this dog to a professional trainer, this will not pay off if the training is not reinforced at home. Therefore, you might find yourself doing what you shouldn’t do with a Rottie, which could be potentially dangerous for you and the canine. To be safe, look for a dog that you can handle, and only get a Rottweiler when you gain enough handling experience.
Now that you know a few fun facts about Rottweilers make sure you proceed with care before getting one. This is because most breeders in the market are not trustworthy, and you might find yourself buying a dog with mental or health issues that are hard to treat. Do your homework well, get referrals, and make sure you find a full-blooded Rottweiler for your home.


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