5 products and ideas for remembering your Rottweiler

Anyone fortunate enough to have a Rottweiler in their life knows that they are a special breed. They are big dogs full of love and devotion, and a breed that forms close attachments to their family and those who they consider pack. When your Rottie passes away, it leaves a big hole in your heart, and you want to find a way to memorialize your beloved pet so that you can hold on to the good times and the joy that they brought to you.

5 ways to honor your Rottie’s memory

Here are five ideas for keeping the precious memories of your Rottie alive in a way that honors their life.

1. Pet portrait of your Rottie

Our pets deserve a special place in a family gallery wall of photos. Services, such as Paint My Pooch Pet Portraits can create a special, modern portrait of a pet or several pets. The best thing is that you do not have to wait until they grow old, and you can have several created so that you can remember what they were like as they were growing. When the time comes to let go, you will be glad that you have these precious memories that can be used to create a special memorial.

Rotties can be clowns, and they can also present a regal character that you want to capture in your photos. It is important to find a company that can display this character in a way that reminds you of their big, beautiful personality. A professional pet portrait can do this and create a piece of artwork that allows those cherished memories to live on forever.

2. Memorial bracelet

Another way to remember your Rottie is with a memorial bracelet. You can have their dog tag made into a keychain, bracelet, or necklace so that you can keep them close to your heart. Some companies will even make a bracelet for you and donate a certain portion of the proceeds to a local shelter or dogs in need. You can also have a photo of your pet incorporated into a locket or piece that can be used on a special memorial bracelet.

3. Garden stone

Many companies that make stone memorials for humans will also create one for your pet. They can be in the form of a steppingstone or special stone for your garden. You can have a poem or special symbol that means something to you and reminds you of them. Planting a garden with a special stone to remember your Rottie is an excellent way to create a space for reflection and spending time with precious memories.

4. Donate to a cause

Another way to honor your Rottie is to make a special donation to a cause that means something to you. You could donate to a local shelter or to a breed rescue to help Rottweilers that are currently waiting for their new family. Helping Rotties in need is an excellent way to honor your own, especially if your Rottie was a rescue.

You could donate financially, or you could donate your time to a shelter by helping them care for Rotties in their facility. Your experience with the breed gives you an advantage when working with them. If you are not ready to bring a new friend into your home yet, you can still get all the big dog hugs and kisses without a commitment. One word of caution if you choose this route is that you know how easy it is for one of these gentle giants to win your heart.

5. Ash urn or casket

Another way to   your Rottie is to have them cremated and have their ashes placed in a special urn or casket. You can either choose to bury them in a special place in your garden, or place them on your mantlepiece or a side table with a pet portrait. This is a traditional option that many people choose for their pets, and you can personalize it in many ways.

If you are like many Rottie owners, we know that you have many special pictures on your phone. Printing them and creating a special album for the memorial is a nice touch that honors the years they spent with you. A professional pet portrait service can remove the background, create a portrait with special effects, and present the photos in a special way that honors your pet and brings out their goofy side or their more serious side.

We know that Rottweilers are a special breed and that letting go of them is especially hard. They are devoted protectors and generous in their love for their families. These five suggestions will help you find a way to keep those precious memories alive and a way to honor their life.



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