5 Facts About Rottweilers That Would Make You Fall In Love With Them

Rottweilers are amazing animals. They are smart, they are loyal, they are intelligent, they are wise, they are magnificent! Now, if you have a Rottweiler at home, we guess you already know of facts that make them adorable. Else, here is a list of 5 facts about Rottweilers that would make you fall in love with them.

Rottweilers Are Freakishly Smart

They are extremely smart and not for the weak of heart. They probably know more than you by this point. Rotties have the mental capacity to analyze every situation before dipping their paws in it. This is probably why they are not fit for first-time dog owners. You never really know what to do with them.

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They Love Food

For foodies, this is one fact about Rottweilers that would make you fall in love with them…till a certain point. But after you pound your Rottweiler morbidly obese and still slobbering food, you know enough is enough. Stop feeding them more, dammit!

facts about Rottweilers that would make you fall in love with them

They Are Lap-Dogs. Well, They Think They Are

Another fact about Rottweilers that will make you fall in love with them more is that they think they are lap-dogs. They can get to their ultimate size and they would still be looking at you to pick them up. Be a dear and please pick them up?

Stubborn As A Mule

They can be stubborn. Oh lord, they can be! If you keep taking them through the same motions again and again, they are sure to get bored right out of their mind, and actually not follow through.

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Loyal As A…Dog?

Well, they are definitely loyal, and they are definitely dogs. They may be the devil incarnate for evil-doers, but for their family, they are the cuddliest of teddy bears with an evil set of jaws. They will protect you, and your kids and God save anyone who crossed any one of you.

Well, which one do you think your Rottweiler is most adept at? What do you think about out 5 facts about Rottweilers that would make you fall in love with them more? Comment down below.


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