You should know these 5 fun facts about Rottweilers

4 Fun Facts About Rottweilers!
Written by : Mkay

The Rottweilers are just adorable! One of the Rottweilers best traits is their loyal loving nature, and pure love.  Even if sometimes unfair bad media coverage on them , this is a loyal,
loving breed that makes an excellent family dog, and they are very good with children. They are very protective dogs , and one of the best guardian dogs ever.

 You should know these 5 fun facts about Rottweilers:

1. Food and just food – Rottweilers are drooling and farting  believe it or not – a lot. When they eat, they tend to slobber. You probably noticed that their saliva is dribbling on your feet or on the floor.  This is especially prevalent in big females and males who have large heads.  Rottweilers are also having a problem with gas – and many dog foods make that problem worse ( grains, corn , and ingredients high in fiber). Home-food ( especially meat ) often lessen that problem.  But you should everything check with your vet first.

2.  Reputation –  As a breed,  they have gotten a bad reputation.  But in fact  that is not true, Rottweilers are very funny , loyal , and comics dogs. Many people  thinks that they are overly aggressive ,  that is often happening if they haven’t  socialized and trained them enough.

3.  Rottweiler and his duty –  The Rottweilers are smart , very strong and persistent dogs.  You  can find them in many professions – especially working as farm , search and rescue , police, and tracking dogs. They will enjoy performing tasks , and the other facing challenges.

4. Advocacy – Many people who lives with Rottweilers fight against negative stereotypes, legislation , and misinformation , and that bans or limit these dogs especially insurance policies that don’t cover them. Without solid training  and firm leadership , this breed can become dangerous , and vicious.  But still people who are loyal to these dogs , have proven that with the necessary skills , socialization and guidance , these dogs  make valued family members to society.


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