27 Indisputable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

27 Indisputable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

written by: Parlin

1.There are many reasons why dogs are man’s best friend. One of the main reasons why dogs are better than cats is that they have a special connection and can read communication questions. 

 2. Dogs have a nature of protecting things.

 3.They are remorseful when they do something that their owners do not like wearing an adorable face that shows they are sorry without being rude.

 4.Dogs have a great way to tell people when they want a backrub.

 5.They really love their owners and will run up to them when they come from work or anytime they get the chance and not only when you are taking them food like most cats do.

 6.Dogs welcome soldiers’ home which is literally one of the most wonderful/adorable things.

 7.They treat every day like Christmas with the food they get in their bowls.

 8.Dogs normally demonstrate unconditional compassion thanks to their powerful sense of loyalty even during your lowest moments.

9.Another reason why dogs better than cats is they do not vomit fiber or lick their hair in your house.

 10.Dogs do not have the habit of throwing up fluorescent green puddles except on very rare occasions.

 11.They are very patient animals and will always wait for a signal from a person to go out.

 12.Dogs do not use boxes to poop where you have to empty with your hands.

 13.Looking at reasons why dogs better than cats, its important to note that there is a shape and size of dog for everyone.

 14.When you are sad, they will come and try and comfort you and you can play fetch with many tennis balls.

 15.They are like a Disney version of themselves engaging all types of fauna in interesting games.

 16.You may want to be a better person simply by the way a dog looks at you.

 17.Dogs can eat things that you do not want to throw away like pieces of fat you like to cut off your meat.

 18.When the owner is ill or injured they try to nurse you back to health by licking you so that you can go out and play,

 19.Herding dogs love to protect the family incase they sense any danger especially for children.

 20.Even the smallest of dogs that cant do a lot still try and protect their owners whey they sense any kind of danger.

 21.Dogs can bring you things you need like a newspaper.

 22.They normally know how to be gentle and soft with young babies when playing with them regardless of how playful they are.

 23.Another reason why dogs better than cats is that they remain loyal for the longest time even when the owner has passed on.

 24.They are really sweet even when you do something off like make them wear socks.

 25.There are times when they want to cuddle you for long and start to cry which is simply adorable.

 26.Dog mid grub seriousness is respected even by tigers.

 27.There are really no bad dogs in the world as they are wonderful creatures, only bad owners who destroy them.


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