16 Clues For Anyone Who Wants to Understand Rottweilers Better

Do You Want To Understand Your Rottweiler body language ? Here Are 15 Clues to Help You

If you want to develop a strong and trustworthy relationship with your Rottweiler, you need to understand his body language. Here are the 15 clues that will help you understand Rottweiler Body Language.

rottweiler body language
rottweiler body language

1. Rottweiler Eyes are wide open and alert

When his eyes are wide open and alert, it’s trying to get your attention. Since he is challenging you he expects you to respond well.

2. Rottweiler blinks and squints

While this means he is ready to play if he does this a lot his eyes might be hurting hence you need to take him to a vet.

3. Rottweiler wags his lower tail

If he wags his tail he might not be aware of what’s happening hence asking you what to do. But when he does this rapidly it means you are in charge

4. Rottweiler raises his tail and tremors a bit

This means he thinks he is in charge hence is challenging your authority.

5. Rottweiler tucks his tail between his legs

When Rottweiler tucks his tail between his legs, he is feeling uncomfortable, is afraid or just scared. If there are no reasons for doing this then you need to take him to a vet

6. Rottweiler yawns a lot

When the dog yawns it means he is nervous and grumpy. Puppies do this a lot especially when they are surrounded by other dogs. But if he does this after you yawn it means he is attracted to you.

7. Rottweiler exposes his teeth without snarling

Most dogs do this while eating as a way of protecting his territory.

8. Rottweiler licks his face

Most dogs do this when they are seeing danger, feeling pressed or stressed.

9. Rottweiler’s ears are inclined forward or are standing straight

When he does this he is just curious or responding to an event in his environment.

10. Rottweiler has flattened ears

This means he is scared of something. This is actually how Rottweiler reacts to those who are unfamiliar or those who they are afraid of.

11. Rottweiler shakes

When the dog shakes, it means they are relieving tension. They may also shake off water from their bodies after having a bath.

12. He rolls over and exposes his stomach

This is to show that he trusts you hence want to please you. If he does this, you need to rub his belly to show that you are also pleased with him.

13. Rottweiler turns his back

This simple action means your dog trust you.

14. He puts his head on your knees

By doing this it means he wants to attract your attention so that he can show you what he needs but if he touches your hands with his nose he just wants you to pet or touch him.

15. Rottweiler raises one front paw

This kind of stance means he has something that he wants to ask you. This may be hunger or just wants to play. Sometimes dogs such as hunting dogs do this when they notice something very interesting.

These are the 15 useful signs for anyone who wants to understand Rottweilers. Most of these signs may also apply to other dogs.


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