Some people think that Rottweilers are aggressive and evil. They think they are not friendly and not cute as most of the dogs. So, now we’re going to prove you wrong. Rottweilers are so friendly animals, they are very adorable, loyal, loving, and protective. Here are 15 times Rottweilers were the cutest creatures ever!

#1 Mommy’s cutest boi!

 #2 Size is not an indication of age

#3 I just sleep next to my daddy

#4 He loves to use his human as a pillow

#5 I think I’m in trouble now…

#6 Can I bring that to the house, please, mom?

#7 When will you start the fire?

#8 I hope they can set me free from this leash soon

#9 Wanna play with me?

#10 I’m an angry dog!

#13 Just helping her gettin’ clean

#14 Best hugger ever

#15 Upset me have no one to play with.