15 Things You Do That Are Unintentionally Breaking Your Rottweiler’s Heart

Your dog’s complete lives are focused on us. If they get little of our time or such time is ruined by unfavorable punishments or undesirable conversions, it can leave them with enduring emotional scars or very heartbreaking moments. Many rottweiler owners make a lot of mistakes that completely mess with their dog’s environment and feelings just because they don’t comprehend the canine behavior. It’s therefore very important to understand the little things that dogs do in order to avoid unintentionally destroying your pet’s relationship.

This guide gives 15 common parenting missteps that you can easily avoid when nurturing your Rottweiler, a common dog or even puppies.

#1. “Come Here Now”
This is regarded as a commanding statement and dogs probably understand it very well. However, the words seem very confusing, especially for the little puppies. For easy parenting, you should make sure that “come” works better for you instead of “come here now”. You can make this simple by rewarding your dog any time they obey the command.
You should never punish your pet when they fail to obey your commands. Always reward and call them with a smile on your face or with a pleasant tone. Show them that you are happy with them so that it can be easier for you to see your commands work.

#2. Jump Around
You should never allow your dog or puppies to jump on guests even if you have some friends that suggest it is okay. Don’t let them jump up to greet them.
Dogs don’t understand age differences or even people’s health conditions. Jumping up on an eighty-year-old person can destroy their moods or injure them seriously. When you have such a dog, it’s better to warn your guests before they visit your home. Tell them to turn away from your dog until it sits down in a very quiet manner.
Most importantly, teach your puppies to get loving and always put their paws on the floor especially when guests are around.
rottweiler puppy
rottweiler puppy

#3. Rubbing Their Nose In It

Teach your dog to always go outside for pooping. This is a very significant step when training your pup. Shouting at your dog, spanking them or letting them rub their nose in their dirt will not teach them to go and potty away from the house. It teaches them to be more scared of you and to never help you when there is any problem in the house.
During training be happy with your pup, set it up for success, and it will always obey you even when you show him where to potty outside.
rottweiler puppies
rottweiler puppies

#4. Playing Fast And Loose With Lease Rules

A leash or a lead is very satisfying for dogs since it leads them to where they are going. You should never allow it to strain the lead and drag you around. Allow it to relax and get going. At first, it might get very weary. Your duty is to get your dog through practice and remain patient. This is an important part of training.
Again, you should not forget to reward your dog when it’s walking respectively on the leash. A dog that politely walks about while making eye contact with the owner deserves a lovely gift.
rottweiler playing
rottweiler playing

#5. Potty Time Is NOT Play Time

You should train your dog to know that potty time is not playing time. It’s a serious time. Probably, your pup requires the length of the leash to do what they need to do. Let it know that fun time starts after doing what is necessary. Remember to take him out to do the business on time in order to avoid taking him out at late night.
rottweiler pooping
rottweiler pooping

#6. “Go to your room”

Allow your dog’s kennel to be a fun place to stay. Do not use the kennel as a way of punishment. It should be clean and comfortable that your dog wishes to go and sleep there every time.
The kennel is where your puppies eat and take a nap. Never use it to penalize them for any reason.
rottweiler rolling
rottweiler rolling

#7. Back Talk

Even dogs become emotional like humans do. When talking to, playing or petting around with or even rebuking a barking dog or puppy can strongly influence its ability to bark. As a good teacher and friend, you should never give any attention to a barking dog. Consider it being normal but always remember to reward your pup when it’s not barking.
Some dog breeds deserve a reward when they bark. Perhaps you need to find out what makes your pup bark so that you can be able to take control when they go nuts.

#8. Giving In To Their Begging

You should be able to understand when your dog wants something. Be able to understand the look of your pup’s face anytime it looks at you. Your pup will never forget the last time you gave it a slice of steak fat during dinner.
In addition, it’s not of must you feed your dog on the table. You can choose to feed them on their bed or kennel especially when there are visitors in the sitting room. Remember to reward your dog heavily when it stays away from the dining table when you are eating or during meal-time.
#9. Permission To Counter Surf
Learn to keep your dog out of the kitchen and consider rewarding it more when it stays out of it when you are at home. This is because when it finds food there, it might come back for more. The best way to do this is to always keep your kitchen closed when you are at work or when you are not around to monitor your dog.
The other way it to store food in the fridge and not to leave any bits of food, or dirty dishes on the kitchen.
#10. Playing Is Important
Ensure that your dog gets a lot of exercise in order to improve energy and increase their body’s metabolism. Good exercise prevents your puppies from contracting health problems like the Rottweiler heart disease that are attributed due to lack of exercises. Make sure your dog plays well and enough.
#11. Bribing Your Dog
Your dog might be obeying you when you are only doing nicer things to him. Most people, when they start training their dogs, begin by luring them into position. This is not bad especially during the very initial stages of training. However, your dog can get worse and chose not to do anything unless you bribe him.
Although a lure is better than a bribe, you need to train your dog to do anything without any of them since a treat is not always available.
#12. Desire To Chew
Dogs need to have a desire to chew and chewing materials should always be available. You should guide it on what it is supposed to chew and what it’s not. Please give it the materials that are necessary to chew only and keep all others far away. Begin with toys. Put them on the floor and lets your pup play with them while biting.
For a better learning experience, reward your dog anytime you find it chewing materials that are necessary. Give it praises and treats and it will soon begin to learn the differences between chewing and treat time.
#13. Nipping Enabler
Nipping can be very dangerous for little mouthy puppies and you should never allow your pup to make teeth-skin contact with anyone. As a puppy’s teacher and parent, you should train your puppies in a suitable manner to play with people, in any situation, even when there is a joyful accident.
#14. Growl About It
Growling is how puppies and dogs communicate. It is the best way they understand their nature, and when they feel scared or threated. A dog needs not to be punished for growling. Choose to remove it in such a situation and never punish them.
Your dog uses this method of communication to let you understand that they are scared or feel threatened. A dog that does not communicate this way could bite anybody without warning.
#15. Submissive Peeing
There are things you can do especially if your dog keeps on urinating everywhere. The most common way is to avoid looking at the dog when it feels the urge to urinate. Looking at it can accidentally make the matters worse and finally drive up the pup’s urge to urinate. Give it time to calm down and relax.
Never punish your puppies or dog for urinating anywhere as it can worsen situations.Conclusion

Dogs need attention and the best care possible. Training your dogs well without punishing them or scalding their behavior can improve their health, nature, and love between the family. Additionally, it can lower the risks of contracting the Rottweiler Heart disease. Use this guide to better your relationship between you and your pets.


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