If you’re having bad days during quarantine, these funny Rottweilers who are disappointed about the coronavirus quarantine will make your day! These Rottweilers are not so happy about staying home 24/7. Rottweilers are very active, and they love to stay outside most of the time. So, having to stay home all day long is such a nightmare for them.

#1 Am I supposed to wear this thing all the time?

#2 Now you know how the staying home looks like?

#3 So, here are some disinfectants for sanitizing the house.

#4 I will not transmit the virus, but you may do. So, I’ll go shopping.

#5 I need dry food and treats now! Don’t resist me, i have a gun!

#6 Don’t you dare to even look at my food!

#7 Give me that mask, mommy! 

#8 I hope she won’t find out what i have done.

#9 Mommy wants to punish me and called me bad boy, but dad is my guard here

#10 I’m working from home!

#11 I’m not a babysitter, my place is in the park playing outside!

#12 I planned to watch a movie tonight. 

#13 I have a Zoom meeting here.

#14 When will it be over? I can’t stay with this person forever.