13 Funny Rottweiler Memes That Make You Laugh Too Hard

People say Rottweilers are dangerous dogs due to their possible aggression. But owners of this beautiful breed know for sure that Rotties are very funny dogs!😀

#1 I don’t always follow you everywhere, but when I do…It’s when you move 5 steps and said you`d be right back!

#2 You think you trainned ME?

#3 When your girl`s mad and you try to cheer her up!

#4 When your human comes home and calls you by your full name…

#5 What a Rottweiler looks like playing ball in the house!

#6 Selfie vs tagged photo.

#7 When you`re ugly af.

#8 When you`re a Mess.

#9 I don`t always act like I`m starving… but when I do…It’s because I sensed food nearby and I really want some!

#10 I don`t always fart, but when I do…I clear out a room.

#11 Morning outwork!

#12 There there, it`s gonna be ok!

#13 That`s why mommy calls me a baby!


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