11 Things May unintentionally Shorten Your Rottweiler’s Life

Owning a dog is one of the biggest responsibilities. It’s like your Rottweiler’s life in your hand. Dogs depend on us in everything they do, starting from eating, playing and everything they do.

Dog owners want the best for their dogs as we all know. They have sincere intentions towards their dogs, and they make sure their furry friends are in their best states. So, there are some things you may do unintentionally and it might harm your pup.


Skipping Annual Vet Visits

Some dog owners think that taking their dogs to the vet when they seem perfectly healthy is a waste of time and money. However, as humans, there are some signs of illness that can not be seen. Your pup has the difficulty of not being able to communicate how they are feeling on the inside.

Your dog may seen perfectly in a good health, so you skip annual vet visits and see it a money waste. However, you know that you -as a human- can have some illness signs that can’t be seen. So, your Rottweiler can’t tell you what he feels inside.


Letting your dog gain weight 

Study from Association for Pet Obesity Prevention have shown that last year 53% of dogs were overweight. Overweight can be dangerous for your Rottweiler’s life as it can shorten their lifespan and make them suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and liver diseases.

Obese Rottweiler
Obese Rottweiler

Ignoring dental care

Around 85% of 5-year-old or more dogs suffer from periodontal disease caused by bacteria, plaque or food in the gum. Dental care is important for your Rottweiler’s life. Bacteria collected on gum can cause so many diseases and lead to many health problems. They may suffer from heart valve and kidney infections.


 Ignore playtime and socialization

Dogs that have no human interactions, don’t have fun and don’t play easily get depressed. Dog owners sometimes don’t know how important it is to let your dog make new friends. New friends doesn’t only mean other dogs, human friends too. Guests visits, walks and park playtime are very important for your dog to be sociable and happy. Dogs who don’t get exposed to other humans tend to be terrified when they see people around under any circumstances.

rottweilers playing
rottweilers playing

Secondhand smoking 

Dogs are harmed by secondhand smoking just like humans. Their lungs are not made to handle smoke. The toxins from cigarettes can lead to allergies, heart diseases, respiratory and even cancer.


Too much exercise

For dogs doing exercise is extremely important, however, you must know your dog’s limits. Small dogs tend to have more respiratory issues and are more likely to develop heat stroke than their longer muzzled cousins. However, middle and large sized dogs can have the same problems, thats why knowing your do limits is crucial for you.

Exercise is highly important for your Rottweiler’s life. But you also have to know when to stop. Small dogs tend to have respiratory problems than bigger ones. Also middle size dogs, so it’s extremely important to know the limit for every dog.

Rottweiler exercise
Rottweiler exercise

Unhealthy Food

Eating junk food regularly is bad for humans. The same for your dog, if your dog gets used to unhealthy food it will be a bad habit which is hard to handle. Offer your pup some healthy treats like baby carrots or apple slices.

Rottweiler eating
Rottweiler eating

Letting your dog out alone

There are so many threats that can harm your dog alone in the streets. Cars, coyotes, poisonous snakes, other dogs, unstable and ill humans. You have to take care your dog and to supervise them wherever they go. Keep them leashed when you walk around.

Rottweiler out
Rottweiler out

Not Providing Your Dog With Enough Mental & Physical Exercise

Scientists approved the importance of physical and mental stimulation for dogs. It keeps healthy weight and away from dangerous harm that may occurs.


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