10 Things That Rottweilers Love

1-Collecting trophies

Rottweilers love taking personal items that are not theirs, especially if they are on your property. For them they are trophies because they are part of you (their favourite person) and carry your scent. As well as collecting them, they will often take them to other rooms and hide them in places like under cushions or in the laundry. They also have this tendency because they will do anything to get your attention, even if it means behaving «badly». They hide your stuff because they like interacting with you. It also stops them from getting bored, because it gives them something to do, as if they were on a mission. Eating alone


2-Eating alone

Many human companions of rottweilers think their pet loves to eat while they are watched or they see food as a social event. Although some rottweilers like to eat when their owners eat, for the rottweiler the act of eating is a personal moment. For a domesticated rottweiler, you are the leader of the pack, so your rottweiler will feel more comfortable eating in a private space where they can be sure that the alpha male won’t steal their food- this applies to any food or treat. Don’t be surprised if your rottweiler takes what you give it into another room. You will see that it is its canine nature.


3-Always being by your side

Your rottweiler is part of you in the same way that you are part of them.Being close to your side is one of the most common behaviours and is therefore another thing rottweilers love doing. These rottweilers are saying to all who approach «move, this human is mine!» They do this to minimise as much distance as they can between you, and to transfer odors. This is a social-emotional-biological habit. Some experts suggest that this behaviour indicates protection on the part of your rottweiler. They are working as a barrier to intruders while you provide a blanket of security, confidence and comfort to them.


4-Watching TV

When they leave home, many people leave the television on to accompany the rottweiler in their absence. Although rottweilers cannot see like humans, they appreciate the light, colours and sound a lot. For them it can be mental stimulation and therefore is one of the things rottweilers love. In fact, some experts claim that rottweilers really enjoy watching TV because it helps them relax and fight boredom. However, these same animal experts emphasize that television should not be a substitute for love, human attention and exercise. Don’t miss our article on what rottweiler’s do when home alone.


5-Making the bed

Rottweilers love comfort just like people, and will make their personal space as perfect and relaxing as possible. To achieve this, the simplest way is to walk in circles a few times, as if they were making their own nest. By doing this, rottweilers spread their scent in the area, and make it clear that this is their territory. They also prepare the ground and temperature of the space.



Have you ever seen a rottweiler swim? It is a scene full of joy because they look like they are enjoying it immensely. Swimming is an activity that most rottweilers love like no other, and they also have an amazing ability to do it so much better than most people. For most rottweilers, swimming it is a great alternative fun exercise to a walk at any time of day.



Rottweilers undoubtedly love music. It stimulates them on an emotional and sensory level, and many people are surprised to find out that their favourite pets have a finely tuned ear. Classical music is calming for rottweilers. Heavy metal is agitating, but their favourite is vocal music, so now is the time to sing to your rottweiler. When rottweilers howl, they pay special attention to what other rottweilers sound like, with a purpose of changing their tone so that theirs is unique and stands out from the others.

8-Being productive

Rottweilers have a sense of natural purpose. They love accomplishing tasks and feeling useful and, through this, valued. Our pets have a natural inclination to work, otherwise, they will feel bored and restless. Tasks include finding the newspaper, retrieving a ball, shepherding a flock of sheep. Literally anything that makes them recognised and rewarded. Having nothing to do can make your rottweiler feel depressed and suppressed in their very nature.


Rottweilers do not like to stay home, they like to feel included and taken everywhere, so travelling is one of the things rottweilers love. They will accompany you anywhere! Some rottweilers even get inside the suitcase of their human companions because they know that they are going to travel and want them to take them with them. Rottweilers are not aware that they are rottweilers, they feel they are part of the family, equal, just like any other human being… and they are right!


10-Sleeping with you

This is one of the things rottweilers love in the world. Sleeping with their human companion symbolizes not only the best time of the day, but of life. Letting your rottweiler spend the night with you in your bed makes them feel privileged and part of your world because you are including them in your most personal space. This does not mean that you let this become a habit or stop sleeping in your bed. However, do not isolate yourself from your rottweiler, or close the door to your room every night while you leave them out. This will make them feel alone and neglected. A balanced solution is to, at least, let your rottweiler be in the same room as you.



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