The Top 10 Oldest Dog Breeds In Existence

Are you one of those who have pet dogs in their homes? Dogs definitely bring joy in every household; it even keeps its owner healthy and the members of the family. It is not just important that you know the breed or traits of your dog. In your spare time, why not get to know your dog a bit more by knowing its existence? Here are 10 oldest dog breeds in existence. Go and find out if your dog is on the list of the oldest dog breeds today.

1. Oldest Dog Breeds “Afghan Hound”

Oldest Dog Breeds

This breed is also known as Tazi, Eastern Greyhound or Persian Greyhound, Kuchi Hound, and Ogar Afgan. This breed is known to have a silky, fine, and thick coat with a tail that has a ring curl at the end, which has said to acquire these features in Afghanistan due to its cold mountains. This dog serves as a guardian or hunting dog.


2. Oldest Dog Breeds “Akita”

Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated in Japan. It is a large spitz breed of dog that has a short double coat, which is similar to a Siberian husky. This is also known as the “Great Japanese Dog”.


3. Oldest Dog Breeds “Basenji”

Oldest Dog Breeds
Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated in central Africa and is a hunting dog. Do you know that this dog does not bark? It loves to play and is a very intelligent dog, which makes it a good pet. This is also the most controversial ancient dog of today, which is believed to be found in the sculptures of the Egyptian pharaohs.


4. Oldest Dog Breeds “Chow chow”

Oldest Dog Breeds
Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated in China and is one of the first breeds to evolve from the wolf that has proven in the recent DNA studies. It is popularly known as the “Dog of the Tang Empire”. It is a very well-mannered dog and gets along well with children and adults.


5. Oldest Dog Breeds “Pekingese”

Oldest Dog Breeds
Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated in China and is one of the oldest breed of toy dog. This breed is over 2,000 years old to date. It resembles a Chinese guardian lion, which is why it is called a “Lion-dog”.


6. Oldest Dog Breeds “Samoyed”

Oldest Dog Breeds
Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated in Siberia and is over 3, 000 years old. This white, fluffy dog is used in herding, guarding, and sledding.7. SalukiThis dog originated in the Middle Eastern Region and is considered as the “Royal Dog of Egypt”. It has been found in rock arts and petroglyphs dating 10, 000 B.C. This is the oldest breed of domesticated dog known to be affectionate and gentle to its dog owners.


8. Oldest Dog Breeds “Shar Pei”


Oldest Dog Breeds
Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated from China and was seen in pictures on pottery dating 206 BCE. The dog features includes a blue-black tongue and of course, its deep wrinkles. It is one of the world’s rarest dog breeds in the Guinness World Records and TIME magazine.


9. Oldest Dog Breeds “Shih Tzu”

Oldest Dog Breeds
Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated in China and is the most popular toy dog today because of its weight, traits, and its characteristics. This breed has descended back in 800 B.C, although it was only recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1969.


10. Oldest Dog Breeds “Tibetan Terrier”

Oldest Dog Breeds
Oldest Dog Breeds

This dog originated in Tibet and is a medium-size dog, which is actually not a terrier despite its name. This breed has been raised for more than 2, 000 years ago, which is one of the oldest dog breeds. It is believed to be good luck charm, watchdog, and a companion.


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