Top 10 Myths About Dogs

10 Myths About Dogs

written by : Anya Gavrilova
Dogs can see only black and white.
Scientists have proved that dogs can distinguish blue, yellow and gray colors.  Dogs can’t discern red and green, but they can distinguish shades of gray, what allows them to see in the dark and dusk.

A cold wet nose is a sign of good health.
Don’t rely only on the state of nose, because after waking up and in the heat nose of your dog will be warm and dry, and, for example, during rhinitis the nose gets cold and wet because of nasal mucus. Measure the temperature of thermometer in the rectum and take care of other symptoms.

Dogs must eat bones.
This harmful myth is quite widespread among dog lovers. It’s believed that eating bones puppies will get a lot of vitamin D and calcium, but in fact bones can injure intestines and cause bleeding, inflammation and severe constipation.

A dog wags his tail only when pleased.
That’s right that dogs wag their tails to show joy and happiness, but the movement of tail can express other emotions too. In some cases a sharp twitching tail indicates anxiety or fear and can provoke aggression.

Before sterilizing the dog must whelp at least once.
This argument doesn’t have any real evidence or prove, but sterilized dogs (giving birth before or nulliparous) are less likely to have diseases.

If a puppy has a black palate, he will become angry.
There is no connection between aggressive behavior and black pigmentation on the mucous membrane of mouth. Aggression can be the result of education (or lack of it). Scientists believe that the darker mucous is, the stronger and healthier tooth enamel is.

Training depresses and suppresses your pet.
Naughty dog will turn your life into chaos and real danger. Train the dog from the early ages and you will be able to reach mutual understanding. Training helps to establish harmonious and trusting relationship between a man and a dog.

A dog can safely play with your kid.
If you are lucky with the dog, it will be so, but all dogs are different, and some of them like to play, run one after another and jump on each other. Just imagine a large breed dog, which jumps on your kid, because he doesn’t know how to behave with children and never saw them before. That’s why the last point about training is way more important, to make the dog loyal and caring about your kids.

Feeding your pet fodders will give him enough vitamins and minerals.
You should be very careful making a diet for the dog and feeds for him, because these feeds must be given additionally, according to the age, weight and breed of the dog. Consult the veterinarian about making a balanced diet with enough vitamins for your lovely pet.

Rewards for good behavior are bribes and spoil the dog.
It would be a bribe, if you gave it to your puppy before the needed action. But when you give it after, you support, motivate and encourage your dog and strengthen the relationship with him.


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