The 10 Biggest Mistakes Dog Owners Make Daily

People who have pet dogs normally make a lot of mistakes with them. Here are 10 common dog owners mistakes that people commit daily as explained by Valdae Rytapel a southern California dog trainer.

1.Humanization –dogs are not relatives or children thus do not need to be treated like humans. If you treat them like humans they will most likely treat you like a dog.

2.Democracy- dog owners mistakes also include extending democracy to the canine as it simply does not work. For the dog to be accepted into the family make him or her the last in the hierarchical social order and forget about bill of rights.

3.Letting the dig live on welfare- dogs need to work i.e. physical and mental exercises to earn their food and possessions just as they would do if they were out in the wild. Keep in mind that a tired dog is a good one.

4.Afraid to say no- set limits for the dog and also enforce limits with consequences without being scared or feeling guilty about saying no. correct the dog as a dog and not a human.

5.Speaking English to the pet- this also makes it to the list of dog owners mistakes. Dogs only understand dogglish. This means only tonal variations can help make it understand what you want it to do.

6.Giving out unconditional affection- although dogs need human affection it is not the only thing they need to be happy and balanced. They actually need more discipline and structure and look for rules and sign of leadership a balance between discipline and love.

7.No demands for respect- the same way that no human will listen and give you respect because of gratitude is the same way dogs think. Always demand for respect and you will get it.

8.Privileges that they don’t deserve- this is quite common among dog owners mistakes and quite frankly it should not be tolerated. This is especially if the dog is displaying any kinds of problem with behavior or is under rehabilitation.

9.Allowing the dog to bark in the house or lead on walks- this goes to show that the dog is in control and not the owner. Dogs that bark too much in the house feel like they are in authority thus are decision makers.

10.Not allowing the dog to be just a dog- there are very many people who do not want their dogs to be dogs but humans. Know that they are very different from people thus they need to be dogs to be happy.


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