15 Dogs That Don’t Look Like Dogs

15 Dogs That Don’t Look Like Dogs  written by: pearlmanjie

Dogs are people’s favorite pets, which is to no surprise considering their loyalty, playfulness and cuteness. But, we never knew just how diverse these animals can be – sometimes, they don’t look like dogs at all! Every once in a while we encounter owners with very peculiar pets which are supposedly dogs, but we can’t be 100% sure. Here’s a list of some of the weirdest-looking dogs on the planet.

1. Panda dog


Image source: @shumzi via Instagram
Image source: @shumzi via Instagram

This particular breed is called Maltese Poodle and resembles very much to a panda. The origins of this breed can be found in Asia, specifically Japan and China. Even though there is talk it also contains parts of panda’s DNA, this thought is highly debatable and controversial.
2. Extreme grooming camel dog


Image source: @bobbydoll via Instagram

Even though the name of this dog sounds at the very least upsetting, it is nothing more than a well groomed dog. To resemble a camel, owners groom their poodles by shaping their hair into wanted forms. The result of this is a camel-like dog!


3. Zebra dog

 Image source: @kamercostante via Instagram

Image source: @kamercostante via Instagram


In such makeovers as this one, owners use completely safe hair dyes to accomplish the zebra-like look on their dogs. In order to accomplish this look for your dog as well, make sure he has similar visage as that of a zebra.

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